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Follow this step-by-step guide on how to generate a CSR for wildcard SSL certificates and what details will be required to complete the CSR process. Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) using OpenSSL (Apache & mod_ssl, NGINX). A CSR is a file containing your certificate application information. Comodo SSL Wildcard (DV). Issued within 5 minutes***, without organization validation. Fast and cheap. Updated Product Line. Compatible for mail servers. ULTRAVNC VS TEAMVIEWER COMPARISON

To generate a pair of private key and public Certificate Signing Request CSR for a webserver, "server", use the following command :. This creates a two files. The file myserver. Carefully protect the private key. In particular, be sure to backup the private key, as there is no means to recover it should it be lost.

You will now be asked to enter details to be entered into your CSR. What you are about to enter is what is called a Distinguished Name or a DN. For some fields there will be a default value, If you enter '. Use the name of the web-server as Common Name CN. If the domain name Common Name is mydomain. Problem: Threat of fraud, fishing, stealing confidential information.

Solution: Securing confidential information by SSL certificates. Encryption makes confidential information useless character set for hackers. Result: Increasing sales for all Ecommerce areas, increasing customers' satisfaction, etc.

Free two-weeks test period! Fast and cheap. Updated Product Line. Compatible for mail servers. Protect all subdomains and main domain mydom. We work without prepayment! Test 2 weeks for free! Sectigo Comodo offers 2, 3, 4 and 5-year Subscription SSL bundles allowing you to obtain continuous certificate coverage for up to five years while saving you money.

Prior to the expiration, we will contact you to replace your certificate for another maximum duration certificate. We provide clients with quick, friendly and professional support via email and phone. It means an even greater number of users are guaranteed the highest level of security. Price on Comodo site:. In total:. Switch to. LeaderSSL Support: offline:. Here is a real time statistic from out ticket system:. Order Now. Want to buy SSL-certificates at competitive prices? Its easy with LeaderTelecom!

Advantages of working with us Experience. We have accumulated a wealth of experience over 9 years in the industry. We offer a wide range of services in the field of SSL certificates and cybersecurity. We work around the world Free trial. No risk — test the certificate prior to payment. All news. Why do we offer better value?

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Protect integrity, verify publisher and ensure authenticity. Easily secure all sub-domains for a completely secure website experience. Protect many websites with a single solution. Reduce headaches and save time! A CSR is an encoded file that offers you a standardized way to send Comodo your public key and some information about your company or organization.

For instance, if ComodoSSLstore. As long as you use the asterisk, your Wildcard will work correctly and encrypt your domain, plus all of its accompanying sub-domains. No limit. If you have one-million sub-domains, your Wildcard will cover all of them.

Each server software has a slightly different way for you to generate your certificate signing request CSR. This gives you the flexibility to encrypt an entire domain and its accompanying sub-domains with a single certificate. The installation is identical to a standard certificate.

The good news is that Comodo makes this easy. The server you generated your CSR on will automatically have your private key. For the most part, Wildcard certificates are a great choice for cost-minded organizations with sub-domains. The benefits of a Wildcard are undeniable in this situation:.

Wildcards are incredible products that have unparalleled versatility. Have more questions about how to use a wildcard certificate? Save a bunch when you buy your wildcard certificate direct. Compare Wildcard Certificates. Cheapest Price in the World! Stop browser security warnings right now! Code Signing Certificates Tamper-proof your code. In our example, the Wildcard would cover all first-level sub-domains, such as: blog.

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