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MySQL Workbench: Understand What is MySQL Workbench? mysql workbench equivalent


General Installation Requirements. ODBC Libraries. ODBC Drivers. Migrating from Supported Databases. Migrating from Unsupported Generic Databases. Microsoft Access Migration. Microsoft Windows. Connection Setup. PostgreSQL migration.

Connecting to the Databases. Schema Retrieval and Selection. Reverse Engineering. Object Selection. Manual Editing. Target Creation Options. Schema Creation. Create Target Results. Data Transfer and Migration Setup. Bulk Data Transfer. How To Report Bugs or Problems. Table PostgreSQL: as specified in the SQL standard, unquoted object names are treated as not case-sensitive while quoted object names are case-sensitive.

Unlike the standard, unquoted object names are converted to lowercase instead of uppercase. Because Mysql Workbench only prompts once for SSH credentials the above sequence will not work, thus any attempt to login via Workbench will fail. This can be fixed by having the user enter their password and pin back to back on a single line like this:. Now when Workbench prompts for the SSH password users will need to enter their password and two-factor pin back to back with no spaces separating the password and the pin.

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Improve this answer. Gregory Martin Gregory Martin 3 3 bronze badges. FYI: here is the link to the Datagrip purchase page. AnthonyK AnthonyK 4 4 bronze badges. When MFA using libpam-google-authenticator is enabled on Ubuntu user login over SSH most likely follows this sequence: The user is prompted to enter their password The user is prompted to enter their two-factor pin Because Mysql Workbench only prompts once for SSH credentials the above sequence will not work, thus any attempt to login via Workbench will fail.

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MySQL Workbench, a free, open source, powerful GUI tool for working on MySQL/MariaDB local or remote

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