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Verifying Index Usage Always check whether all your queries really use the indexes that you have created in the tables. Use the EXPLAIN statement, as. To drop a primary key, the index name is always PRIMARY, which must be specified as a quoted identifier because PRIMARY is a reserved word: DROP INDEX `PRIMARY. Standard text below boxes: table (or alias) name · Bold text below boxes: key/index that was used · Number in top right of a box: number of rows used from the. RDS MYSQL WORKBENCH SSL

Index comments, when added, apply to the selected index only. To add an index, click the last row in the index list. Enter a name for the index and select the index type from the list. Select the column or columns that you wish to index by checking the column name in the Index Columns list. You can remove a column from the index by removing the check mark from the appropriate column. Create an index prefix by specifying a numeric value under the Length column. You cannot enter a prefix value for fields that have a data type that does not support prefixing.

To render a secondary index an index other than the primary key or a unique column invisible to the optimizer, deselect the Visible option. By default, all indexes are visible. This feature must be supported by the active server; otherwise, the Visible check box is grayed out. For a description of the usage patterns for this option, see Invisible Indexes. To drop an index, right-click the index name and then click the Delete Selected menu item.

Table Data Search Tab. Export or Import a Table. Main Editor Window. Query Statistics. Visual Explain Plan. How To Report Bugs or Problems. Visual Explain Usage. Visual Explain Conventions. Graphic Conventions Textual and Informational Conventions.

Figure 7. Table 7. No usable indexes were found for the table, which forces the optimizer to search every row. This could also mean that the search range is so broad that the index would be useless. Low cost -- The optimizer is able to find an index that it can use to retrieve the required records. It is fast because the index search directly leads to the page with all the row data.

Low-medium -- Low if the number of matching rows is small; higher as the number of rows increases. Low-medium -- if the number of matching rows is small; higher as the number of rows increases. Very High -- very costly for large tables, but less of an impact for small ones.

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