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After removing the failed installation of MySQL , please download another of MySQL you installed, you'll need to obtain the zip file from Oracle. Download the MSI installer. Download the zip archive for version , but remain at that version forever. Download the source and build it. First, let us download the Zip archive of MySQL from the download page. On the download page, choose Microsoft Windows from the Select. FORTINET REGISTER

Open the command prompt as an administrator user. The command executes successfully, but it did not return any message. You can see the data directories and system database files have been created, which indicates that the initialization was completed successfully. If the data directories have not been created or encounter an error, you can review them to diagnose the issue.

The file name format of the error log is [Host Name]. The mysqld service will be started. Now, connect to the MySQL server using mysql command-line tools. Start another session of command prompt and run the below command. It connects to the MySQL server using the root user. Now, let us run MySQL as a windows service. The benefit of creating the MySQL windows service is to get more control over it. As you can see in the above image, the service has been installed.

As you can see in the above image, the MySQL server is installed as a service, but we must start it manually execute the following command in PowerShell. The command should be executed using an Administrator account. Let us run MySQL from the command prompt without specifying the full path of the mysql.

A dialog box Edit System variable opens. Click on Test Connection. Run the following command quotation marks are necessary :. Go to the start menu, type services. The window that comes up with should show a list of services. Look for the MySQL56 service and start it. If it shows the service as online, you're good to go!

Occasionally, the installation for the ODBC driver will fail. While this is not necessary for the server to run, it may be necessary to connect to some components of Microsoft Office through MySQL. Download the appropriate MSI file for your system. Page tree. Browse pages. A t tachments 4 Page History People who can view. Pages Knowledgebase Software. Jira links. Net Framework 4.

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