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mysql workbench cp1251 › forums › topic › encoding-problem-after-reconnect. This post talks about the real problem going underneath the cushy MySQL cover, and more important tells you how to solved it. dbExecute(mydb, "SET NAMES cp") [1] 0 > dbGetQuery(mydb, utf8 8 character_sets_dir C:\\Program Files\\MySQL\\MySQL Server. BASIC MOBILE WORKBENCH PLANS

Both columns have some cyrillic information in it. You use xterm with koi8r character set to work with your database. There are 3 steps you need to do to work with your table. Most of us have to do this step because usually you inherit your tables from MySQL 4. So why simple, when it can be compicated? First i gave my secretary access to myadmin so she can work with russian Natasha , and we had trouble with russian characters KOI8-R as it was used on Unix, its a table with a russian characters and on the top andon the left side you have a characters that are encoding one russian letter It's true about the results like "???????

Good luck Add your own comment. In the absence of other information, the programs use the compiled-in default character set, usually latin1. The programs support a --default-character-set option, which enables users to specify the character set explicitly to override whatever default the client otherwise determines. When a client connects to the server, it sends the name of the character set that it wants to use.

However, to accomplish the same result more easily, you can add the --default-character-set option setting to your mysql command line or in your option file. For example, the following option file setting changes the three connection-related character set variables set to koi8r each time you invoke mysql :. If you are using the mysql client with auto-reconnect enabled which is not recommended , it is preferable to use the charset command rather than SET NAMES.

For example:. The charset command issues a SET NAMES statement, and also changes the default character set that mysql uses when it reconnects after the connection has dropped. Conversion may be lossy if there are characters that are not in both character sets.

To see the values of the character set and collation system variables that apply to your connection, use these statements:. You must also consider the environment within which your MySQL applications execute. See Section 9. For more information about character sets and error messages, see Section 9.

You have created a Table with character set utf8. This example shows how to configure mysqld server to use pure utf8 for server's character set and collation instead of default latin1. Go to the [mysqld] section in my. I've spent quite a lot of time trying to make MySQL 4. Adding on my local PC the following line to the my. In my process of adjusting the charset variables to correctly display the Chinese characters,I found client and server not only interact with each other, but also interact with windows OS,although I don't know how and when.

When I use java application to write Chinese characters in utf8 charset to the database, even if I set all charset variables to utf8, the characters can not display correctly. Only after I set some charset to gb, the standard national Chinese charset, the display is right. I guess that is because the default charset of Windows OS in Chinese version is gb, and in between the interaction of client and server, Windows also make some charset translations in the process.

I have prepared a little hand-drawn diagram on this while debugging problems with xplanner which might be of some use. It turns out the problem was that my ODBC driver was version 3. Installing version 5. Add your own comment.

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After a long break SQLyog is trying to reconnect to the database and the connection encoding is incorrect perhaps latin1 is on.

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