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creating database with mysql workbench

Create New Database Using MySQL Workbench - Using Menu Bar Click on your connection; it will open the window as follows. Click on the Database. This section will create a new ER model and then translate it into a physical MySQL database. On MySQL Workbench, navigate to File > New. schema using MySQL Workbench and then generate a SQL script and feed it through to a database server to create the corresponding physical database. DESCARGAR COMODO Creating database with mysql workbench cisco nexus 5600 software upgrade


Fortunately, for those users, there are plenty of GUIs available to make the task easier. The first thing to do is create a database aka Schema. In the resulting window Figure B , give the schema database a name and if necessary select a Default Collation. Once the schema is created, close the SQL Script window. Expand that listing, right-click the Tables entry, and select Create Table. In the new window Figure C , name the table.

Double-click under Column Name, and you should be able to type the name of the first column. Once you do that, you can then select the Datatype for the column Figure D. Continue adding columns until your table is complete. Your table is now ready for data. This is where it gets tricky. In previous incarnations of MySQL Workbench, a button could be found on the home screen that took you directly to the table data entry section.

That is no more. You will then find yourself in a window that allows you to enter data Figure E. In this window, you can either use the result grid or open the form editor. For the fastest route to success, use the result grid which is the default. Double-click the first entry in one of your columns and type the data to be added. After entering the necessary data, hit Enter on your keyboard.

Double-click under that newly created row and create another. The form editor is just as easy to use; you only need to remember to click the Next Entry button single right-pointing arrow to move to the next data row Figure F , before entering new data. Congratulations, you successfully created a database, added a table, and entered data into the table.

Write the connection name of your choice. The following screen will appear. You will see the following message; click OK again. Click on your connection; it will open the window as follows. Click on the Database icon in the menu bar highlighted in red in the following screenshot.

The following window will open; click Apply. Please note that you can also write more SQL queries in the red box. Now, you can see your Schema a. Database under the Navigator window see the following screenshot. Please note that the other database named sys is the default database.

To create a new database using SQL query, follow the steps given in the following screenshot. First, create a SQL file red box number 1 in the following screenshot , write the commands red box number 2 , press the refresh button red box number 3 , and see the recently created schemas red box number 4.

You can also create a database from the Navigator pane. Right click in the Navigator pane, select Create Schema , name your database, and click apply as we already did in method 1. Open your command prompt as an administrator. Go to the path where MySQL is installed and use the following command to login:.

Here -u means username, -p means password.

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