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From the Workbench front page, open SQL Development. Select a connection and the database you want to work with. This will start you on the Overview tab. Click. When using statement-based binary logging on a replication source server, statements received by its replicas are written to the query log of each replica. How to show the queries log in MySQL? ; 2. Enable Query logging on the database. SET global general_log = 1; SET global log_output = 'table'; ; 3. MATCHBOX FORD THUNDERBIRD

A given update also might not be written to the query log when this variable is set to MIXED , depending on the statement used. See Section By default, the general query log is disabled. With an argument of 0, this option disables the log. The server creates the file in the data directory unless an absolute path name is given to specify a different directory.

If a log file already is open, it is closed and the new file is opened. If you enable the log, the server opens the log file and writes startup messages to it. However, further logging of queries to the file does not occur unless the FILE log destination is selected. If the destination is NONE , the server writes no queries even if the general log is enabled. Setting the log file name has no effect on logging if the log destination value does not contain FILE.

Server restarts and log flushing do not cause a new general query log file to be generated although flushing closes and reopens it. To rename the file and create a new one, use the following commands:. On Windows, use rename rather than mv. With the log disabled, rename the log file externally for example, from the command line. Then enable the log again:. This assumes that the general query log itself is enabled. Passwords in statements written to the general query log are rewritten by the server not to occur literally in plain text.

Password rewriting can be suppressed for the general query log by starting the server with the --log-raw option. This option may be useful for diagnostic purposes, to see the exact text of statements as received by the server, but for security reasons is not recommended for production use. See also Section 6. An implication of password rewriting is that statements that cannot be parsed due, for example, to syntax errors are not written to the general query log because they cannot be known to be password free.

Use cases that require logging of all statements including those with errors should use the --log-raw option, bearing in mind that this also bypasses password rewriting. Password rewriting occurs only when plain text passwords are expected. For statements with syntax that expect a password hash value, no rewriting occurs.

If a plain text password is supplied erroneously for such syntax, the password is logged as given, without rewriting. Server Configuration Defaults. Server Configuration Validation. Server System Variable Reference. Server Status Variable Reference.

Server System Variables. System Variable Privileges. Dynamic System Variables. Persisted System Variables. Nonpersistible and Persist-Restricted System Variables. Structured System Variables. Server Status Variables. Administrative Connection Management. Verifying System Support for IPv6. Obtaining an IPv6 Address from a Broker. Network Namespace Support. Server-Side Help Support. Server Tracking of Client Session State. Error Log Configuration. Default Error Log Destination Configuration.

In bottom pane, change Action Output to History and then choose the appropriate date. Can I preserve a results tab rather than have it refresh every time I execute a statement? Do that by right-clicking the result tab and choose "Pin Tab" from the context-menu, or left-click the little pin icon to toggle it. Now, execute your other queries and then refresh the pinned tab there is a "refresh" icon in the result grid's menu.

How does the embedded web browser functionality work? The Webkit system library is used on macOS, Internet Explorer is used on Windows, and Linux opens the default browser externally rather than an embedded browser. When a model is exported Database , Forward Engineer The statements added at the start of the code are:. Import is much faster for large data sets if this check is not performed. Due to potential circular references, this check must be turned off for the duration of the import, to permit defining foreign keys.

These server variables are then reset at the end of the script using the following statements:. Workbench Behavior. Why do my query results sometimes say Read Only but other times I can edit data in the results grid? Data in the query results grid is only editable when the query results includes a primary key. For additional information, move the mouse pointer over the Read Only icon to reveal a tooltip that explains why your result set is in read-only mode.

How do I proceed? To alter this behavior, open your Workbench Preferences , select the SQL Editor section, and disable the following preference:. Changing this preference requires you to reconnect to your MySQL server before it can take affect. Lost connection to MySQL server during query". Can I adjust the timeout? Checking these boxes alters the table column by assigning the checked constraints to the designated columns.

Move the pointer over an acronym to view a description, and see Section 8. Importing CSV data into a result set : the Import records from external file wizard imports CSV data directly into a result set's view. For additional information, see Section 6. The results view panel in Workbench has an "Export recordset to an external file" option that exports your result set to a wide variety of formats.

For additional information, see Export a Result Set. For additional information about that, see Section 6.

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Custom user script, module, and library files are stored in the scripts , modules , and libraries directories. These user files are accessible from the file browser in the Workbench Scripting Shell. For additional information about user scripts, see Section C.

For more information about user modules, see Section C. For additional information, see Section 8. MySQL Workbench generates a subdirectory that persists between work sessions for each connection tab that you open. It uses the name of the connection, appended with a sequential number, to represent the order of each connection tab. The file extension changes from. General Editors Preferences. SQL Editor Preferences. Administration Preferences.

Fonts and Colors Preferences. Common Preferences and Configurations. How To Report Bugs or Problems. Table 3. Have in mind version of your mysql installation. Check method 1 with --log parameter. After saving changes in mysql configuration file restart MySQL service to enable logging mechanism. My favorite method: If you don't want to restart MySQL server or you want to turn logging only for single page refresh than turn off logging it's your method.

You will find all logs in mysql. It's pretty useful because you can perform select operation on this table and you don't have to bother searching in text file. For me it's best method for good MySQL query log:. You can execute these queries in runtime! There's no need to restart your MySQL service. Log file is very easy to read. It's text file so you can open it in any editor you prefer.

Open your log file, you will find there 4 columns:. OK, so now you have the list of the queries that are executed on database. It's great to check the full query executed on database. It's really helpful especially when You don't have direct access to generated queries for example like in Drupal. But don't forget to turn off your logging.

When You have many queries executed on your database it will make query log very big and you can run out of space on your disk. Second thing is lot of write operation when logging is turned off. So it's nice to turn logging on only for debug purposes and turn off logging on production environments. Open your log file, you will find there 4 columns: Time - date time of query execution in yymmdd hh:mm:ss format.

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