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The best places to find rose rocks in Oklahoma are in sandstone exposures in the town of Noble, the shores of central Oklahoma lakes such as Lake Thunderbird. Rose Rock Hill - Lake Thunderbird State Park · Hours not available · Rate this place · Nearby Hotels · Nearby Camping & RV. BARYTE (Desert Rose) Lake Thunderbird area Norman, Cleveland Co. desert rose rock - This is a Barite Rose Minerals And Gemstones, Rocks And Minerals. CISCO CONNECT SOFTWARE FOR TABLET

State Folk Song. State Fossil. State Fruit. State Furbearer Animal. State Game Animal. State Game Bird. State Gospel Song. State Grass. State Insect. State Meal. State Monument. State Motto. State Musical Instrument. State Name Origin. State Nickname. State Percussive Instrument. State Poem. State Quarter. State Reptile. State Rock.

State Rock Song. State Seal. State Soil. State Song and Anthem. State Songs. State Tartan. State Theater Group. State Tree. State Vegetable. State Waltz. State Wildflower. The barite rose became the official state rock of Oklahoma when Oklahoma House Bill was signed into law in Noble, Oklahoma, was made the official rose rock capital of Oklahoma, and by default, the world via an "emergency" act of the Oklahoma House of Representatives in A myth attributed to the Cherokees holds that the barite roses formed from the tears of their women and the blood of their men who were removed to Oklahoma from Georgia, Representatives of the Cherokee Nation disavow this legend, noting that barite roses do not occur on any of the lands granted to the Cherokees.

A small quantity of hematite Fe imparts a reddish color to the roses. An electron micrograph shown on left shows the boundary between a barite rose and the enclosing Garber Sandstone. The roses formed when barite crystals precipitated from groundwater in the pore spaces between quartz sand grains within the Garber Sandstone. The roses reflect the shapes of the barite crystals, and hence they are cataloged as minerals.

Most barite roses range from 1 to 10 cm in diameter, though these coalesce into clusters weighing hundreds of kg. The barite roses were deposited in fractures and along porous horizons within the Garber Sandstone some time after it was lithified turned to rock.

The exact age is not known, and roses could still be growing today. Red Permian sandstones like the Garber million years old are common throughout the world, yet barite roses are extremely rare. Each "petal" of a rose is a single crystal of barite, and what makes these barite crystals unusual is their round, disc-like shape. The best explanation to date is that the barite grew in the presence of organic compounds that stunted growth at the corners of crystals, leading to the rounded shape.

At present, the best explanation for the roses is that deep basinal groundwater containing barium and reduced sulfur species sulfide migrated upward along fractures and porous layers into the Garber Sandstone. Another possibility is that separate sources of barium- and of sulfate-rich waters mixed during flow through the permeable Garber Sandstone, and hence barite roses were deposited where these two solutions mixed.

London, D. Field Blog post on Rose Rocks.

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