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Comodo offers powerful and easy to use free Endpoint Security Manager software for MS SQL Server (for more information, see Hardware and Software. Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection provide advanced enterprise security against that will run Comodo Endpoint Security/Comodo Antivirus for Servers and. Comodo Antivirus For Servers Software requires minimum system requirements for your PC to ensure optimal performance. Windows Small Business Server ANYDESK AGAR PASSWORD TIDAK BERUBAH

We have had Comodo ESM for 2 years now and we never feel like we have to worry about our users infecting their computers or our network. It was extremely easy to set-up and create the perfect policy for our security environment. We have over computers covered and only ever had 1 infection. The thing I like about Comodo is that because the way it works, even if you don't have the most recent virus definitions, you are protected as it works by only allowing trusted vendors and approved software or file names to actually be executed.

They will first try to remove the virus for you, but if they can't they WILL pay you. I also love that no matter what time or day, if you have ANY issues with their software they will either talk you through how to resolve it or remote in and fix it for you. They will even remotely in to install the software for you and set it up. Simple and easy to use centralized software.

I am using a 10 license Nfr version now for testing. So far I like it. But their sandbox technology is a bit hard to chew after NSA scandal. Comodo Endpoint Security Manager offers unbeatable protection against malwares. It features real-time alerts, touchscreen interface and many more easy to use features.

In my opinion, it's the best software for enterprise security. I also like that the remote desktop feature that is built into the software so no addition software or set-up is required, plus the information and reports it does on your endpoints, it is way more than just a security software. It is a total package!

Automatic Threat containment — Prevents malware outbreaks by detecting then automatically containing untrusted files in an isolated environment separate from the underlying operating system and user data. Multi-layered endpoint defense — Each endpoint is protected with a powerful combination of antivirus, firewall, host intrusion prevention, URL filtering, behavior monitoring and threat containment.

Powerful system management capabilities allow administrators to view and modify endpoint processes, services and installed applications. User Assistance manager allows end-users to initiate live-chat sessions with administrators directly from the desktop. Remote assistance feature allows admins to interact directly with users and remote desktop into endpoints if required. Location-aware policies allow granular definition of security configurations for endpoints inside and outside of the VPN.

These include:. On idle, the entire 5-in-1 suite only consumes 7. ESM can manage full virtualized machines or virtual machines cloned from templates requires sys prep utility to be run on master template first. The endpoint protection server can be installed on any supported Microsoft Windows operating systems running on a private cloud server, public cloud server or on-premises server. You can manage all your endpoints from a single endpoint protection server. Alternatively, you can use Comodo ESM 'Dependent Servers' function so that each site has its own endpoint protection server which you can control from an upstream endpoint protection server.

Alternatively, you can use the wizards to 'push' the ESM agents to the systems you want managed. You can also download and save the Windows, Mac or Linux management agents to a shared folder, then use login scripts or Group Policy to 'pull' deploy to your systems. Virus database updates aren't pushed; instead they are pulled by the endpoint according to the schedule you have set for them. Updates can be received from the Internet or from the ESM server acting as a caching proxy.

You can choose to use either or both as part of the post-deployment policy configuration. Administrators can also update selected endpoints using the 'Update' button in the administrative interface or on the endpoint's 'Properties' tab. Other supporting software will be installed automatically if not present.

Endpoint Protection Administrative Console computer - The computer that will run the management interface this computer may also be the Central Service PC. Try Advanced Endpoint Protection free of charge. Start Free Trial. Unparalleled security for network endpoints Get Protection Now.

With professional services and support For Enterprises. Get an Easy Quote. The License Information screen can be accessed by selecting 'Help' from the drop-down at the top left and clicking 'License Information' from the options.

Refer to Viewing License Information for more details. Select 'Custom' if you wish to change install location or select which components are installed; you will be required to provide your license during setup. You will need these if you wish to access the console from remote machines and if you want to setup protection for laptops and other computers that are outside the local network you will also need to open these ports to the Internet on your enterprise firewall.

This tool also allows you to modify Internet connection settings and specify mail server settings required for email notifications. Since the Comodo Endpoint Security Manager console can be accessed via the Internet, you may desire to obtain an SSL certificate and apply it using the Configuration Tool or you can distribute the self-signed certificate already installed to computers that you will use to administer Endpoint Security Manager.

NET Framework 4. Choose the installation type: Select 'Typical' as the installation type for fastest setup experience; after installation you will need to provide a valid license key in the License Information screen of the console interface to start using the service.

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