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Metaframe has two ICA client interfaces: the citrix program neighborhood is used by the ICA win32 client ICA client for Java and Nfuse. the Remote Application. The InnoTek OS/2 Platform Enablement Kit for the Citrix® ICA® Client for Win32 consists of an integrated toolset to allow deploying the original Citrix®. pege.perinn.xyz could be a part of Citrix ICA Client PNAgent (Win32) but safe for your computer. Check out if pege.perinn.xyz is a legitimate application or not. INDUSTRIAL VINTAGE WORKBENCH

ICA client creator can create installation disks for the :. This clients are available in the XP servers but not installed. Preconfigured client which has all network addresses ,telephone number ,server names and connection options preset and available to the user upon install. Removes the need for an administrator or user to configure ICA client software locally on the client device. To create a ReadyConnect Client :.

Citrix periodically releases new versions of its ICA clients that fix problems or add new capabilities. The ica client update configuration utility provides administrators the ability to update the ICA clients on client devices with newer versions without needing to touch each client device manually.

To create a new database ,open the ica client update config. The following info is usedto add a new client in the database :. Both client update database and ica clients within the database have properties that spcified for an individual ICA client in a database override those set for the database. Clear the enabled check box to prevent the database from updating ICA clients while the properties are being changed.

To workaround this problem, delete the printer completely on the client machine, and re-create it with a different name. Applications launched from Netscape are terminated when you quit Netscape If you launch ICA sessions via the Netscape web browser, or using NFuse, and then close Netscape, all ICA sessions will be disconnected.

You will also find information about available software features, limitations and trouble-shooting hints in the latter sections of this document. Other configurations have not been extensively tested.

Extract the contents of the archive by running icaos2b1. Follow the prompts until installation is completed. Copy the installation package to your local machine. Run install. In the resulting dialog, you will be given the option to either upgrade the current installation; OR delete the current installation and perform a fresh install.

Choose the latter. ICA file. To do this: 1. Locate the file template. In the section called [Template], enter the Address of the MetaFrame server to connect to. Save the file and quit. You will see the login screen for the MetaFrame server. Enter your user credentials. Note: Use the template ICA file template. Access to the local clipboard requires no special configuration or procedures; using the familiar cut, copy, and paste commands, you can transfer text back and forth between local and remote applications.

Disk caching stores commonly used portions of your screen such as icons and bitmaps locally, increasing performance by avoiding retransmission of locally cached data. Data compression reduces the amount of data sent over the communications link to the client. These mappings can be used by file management utilities such as File Manager or Explorer and your applications just like any other network mappings.

COM port mapping is similar to printer and drive mapping, and allows users to access a COM port on the client computer as if it were connected to a Citrix server. If the user credentials match, then your session is restored. Application launching executes an application on a Citrix server when a hypertext link is selected in a Web page. Clicking a hypertext link launches a new window that connects to a Citrix server.

The published application runs in this new window and is not tied to the Web page. Closing the Web page does not affect the application running in the new window. This feature provides for consistent connections to published applications in the event of a primary server disruption. Users now have an even higher level of fault tolerance and seamless user experience.

It is also possible to cut a Euro symbol from a native desktop document and paste it into the client window. These problems will be fixed in the course of the Development cycle. Long filenames: It is recommended that you use the standard DOS file naming convention 8. Dialogs, notifications and error messages are in draft format and may exhibit display problems.

Enter an appropriate value for 'Address' to connect a MetaFrame server in your organization. All rights reserved. Always edit a copy of ; this file. See the associated comments for more details. This entry is required to establish a ; server connection. The default application is ; the entire server desktop. The server must already be ; configured to publish the specified applications. If your ; connection is bandwidth-limited, enabling caching increases ; performance.

If your client is on a high-speed LAN, you may prefer ; to disable caching and save disk space. This value is in bytes. Specifies the smallest ; bitmap that will be cached to disk. If the specified directory does not exist, ; it is created.

If your connection is bandwidth-limited, enabling caching increases performance. If your client is on a high-speed LAN, you may prefer to disable caching and save disk space. Disk caching is disabled by default. Specifies the smallest bitmap that will be cached to disk. If the specified directory does not exist, it is created.

Client Window Placement Window positioning and caption toggle code have been added. The following INI setting have been added to the client. These settings are optional and specific to each session. Color corruption may occur within your connection window and their use is not recommended at this time. INI, to correctly display the text should the text and background appear inverted.

Long file name support will be enabled if at least one HPFS volume is found. Note that this is weighted in favour of HPFS, ie. The setting is not case sensitive. Mapping local client printers A known problem with the Beta client is that a local printer driver is required to allow the ICA client to access the local port. To print to a mapped local printer port, please try the following steps: To map a client printer on a MetaFrame 1. In the remote session window, double-click My Computer and then double-click Printers.

Double-click Add Printer. Select Network printer server and click Next.

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The instructions in this article do not apply these versions of the client. The following procedure is intended for environments where the ICA Client was not deployed using Active Directory AD , Systems Management Server SMS , or other third-party application that could otherwise be used to automate the removal of the client. It is presumed that the following procedure is implemented using a script that can be invoked through a logon script prior to deploying the latest client for example, through a batch file or Visual Basic Script.

The process for uninstalling the currently installed Citrix ICA client depends on the installation file type used to install the client. Note : For x64 systems, check the same path in the WowNode key. Note : Adding the Client Version column to the Access Management Console while viewing session information is useful in determining the versions of the Citrix ICA Client currently in use in your environment.

Citrix Documentation - Install and uninstall Receiver for Windows manually. Failed to load featured products content, Please try again. Customers who viewed this article also viewed. Log in to Verify Download Permissions. Background Important! While an upgrade option is available during the installation of the ICA Client for Windows, it is strongly recommended to remove earlier versions of the ICA client before installing the latest client to avoid potential configuration conflicts.

More Citrix Receiver Citrix Receiver is an easy-to-install software client that lets you access your desktops, applications and data easily and securely from any device, including smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs. More Citrix Workspace More Cheat Engine 7. Cheat Engine is an open source tool designed to help you with modifying single player games running under window so you can make them harder or easier depending on your preference e. More Citrix Online Launcher 1. Adobe Flash Player ActiveX enables the display of multimedia and interactive content within the Internet Explorer web browser.

Descriptions containing citrix ica client engine win More Microsoft Edge Edge is the latest web browser developed by Microsoft. More Google Chrome Chrome is a web browser developed by Google. It is characterized by its speed and many innovative features. More Microsoft.

NET Framework 5. The Microsoft. NET Framework runtime and associated files that are required to run most client applications.

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