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The USAF Thunderbirds Alumni Association and the USAF Thunderbirds cordially invite you to attend the 68th “We Are The Thunderbirds” Reunion. The Ford Thunderbird will be coming at the beginning of next year, around Jan-Feb However, do not expect that the price will be low because it is a. But our latest discovery has gotten us very excited. On January 13, , Ford filed for the name "Thunderbird" with the United States Patent. MYSQL WORKBENCH CONNECTION ERROR 1113

But our latest discovery has gotten us very excited. The Thunderbird name dates back to , spanning 11 generations and lasting until Often called the T-Bird, this model was marketed as a "personal luxury coupe," with many different configurations. The Thunderbird always had two doors but was sold as a coupe and a convertible throughout its lifetime, sometimes offering a rear seat and other times being sold as a two-seater.

The T-Bird's original run lasted from to before the model was discontinued. Ford brought back the nameplate for an eleventh generation in on a retro-styled model that paid homage to the original. As we've seen with recent models like the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the upcoming Maverick, there's no guarantee that the new Thunderbird will be anything like previous models. In fact, we can say with near certainty that a modern Thunderbird wouldn't be a two-door luxury coupe with a big engine upfront.

With the word "thunder" already in its name, it seems like a perfect candidate for an electric revival. If we had to guess, we'd say the new Thunderbird will either be an all-electric sports car or a larger SUV to sit above the Mach-E in Ford's lineup. This means we could see a Thunderbird Concept from Ford before we see a production model. The filing could also turn out to be nothing.

Ford North America Product Communications Manager Mike Levine told CarBuzz, "trademark applications are intended to protect new phrases, designs or symbols but aren't necessarily an indication of new business or product plans. Any information on an upcoming Thunderbird is purely speculative at this point, but we're holding out hope that the iconic model will soon be making its triumphant return. One of Ford's most iconic models could be making a modern comeback again. Mach-E Bottle Test.

Join The Discussion Show Comments Now Buzzing. Industry News. April Fools' Day. Car Advice. Thus, the new modern car will be completed with advanced technology. Therefore, the car will not only be good-looking but great working too. Here are more things you should know about the upcoming Ford Thunderbird. Ford has always been an expert in making their cars look good and modern. Therefore, many people are also expecting to see a modernized look for the upcoming Thunderbird.

The car will be coming with some models and designs from the iconic mustang model from the given information. This means it will combine the old look with something new. From a glance, the Thunderbird will still have the long length as it had before. However, the front part of the car will be made with smoother lines with sleek designs.

As for the doors, the car will be coming with a 2-front door design. Therefore, this Thunderbird will still look like a modern sports car with some vintage touch. To support the design, the car is made with light fine material to speed up the ride. Compared to other brands, the material for Ford cars are lighter but with great endurance. This way, this car is great to bring for any ride.

The interior design will make it just as luxurious and stylish as the exterior design of the car. First, people will see that the car will be dominated by black color when peaking inside the car. However, there will be some touch of other colors on the seats and board of the car. Starting from the seats, the material used to make them is high-quality leather. As for the capacity, if the upcoming is the same, there will not be any difference.

The car will still be available with a 2-seat passenger, which has a long and big space. Therefore, with the big space in the seats and the trunk, people can drive comfortably with the car. However, they will be putting off some old technology and changing it with something new and modern. This may be the only and major difference from the interior design. The upcoming Thunderbird will be coming with some standard equipment such as touchscreens and digital gauges.

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