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You can use Session > Install Public Key into Server command on the main window, or Tools > Install Public Key into Server command on SSH >. Install WinSCP first. Type shared computing server such as pege.perinn.xyz and pege.perinn.xyz in [Host name] and your CNS log-in. Connection → SSH → Auth → Private key file for authentication → Choose pege.perinn.xyz · PuTTY asks you to specify the username, which is the same. COMODO GEEKBUDDY REVIEWS

The public portion of the key will be automatically stored in ExaVault for the user you selected. If you are not the end user who will be using this key pair, point them at this article and step back as your work is complete. Fill out the connection information for your account, including your username. Click on the ellipsis button … next to the Private Key File entry field. This allows you to navigate to the location where you have stored your private key file.

If you receive this prompt, click the OK button. WinSCP will automatically convert the key to the proper format for you. Choose the permanent location for this private key and click the Save button to store the converted key file. Once you confirm that the connection works, be sure to use the Save Session As Site to save the settings permanently.

Using a different FTP client? Watch our video to get started with WinSCP. Step 2: Importing the Private Key into WinSCP If you are not the end user who will be using this key pair, point them at this article and step back as your work is complete.

Select your key file and click the Open button. If prompted, add the host key to the known hosts cache. Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group. Create a free Team What is Teams? Learn more. Ask Question. Asked 11 months ago. Modified 11 months ago. Viewed 2k times.

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This is unecessarilly complicated. WinSCP can convert the key for you. See my answer.

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Go to this link. This will open the "Run" window. Type puttygen. Under "Type of key to generate", be sure that "RSA" is selected. Enter "" for "Number of bits in a generated key". Click the "Generate" button. As it generates your key, moving your mouse around will help speed up the process. Enter a passphrase in "Key passphrase". Click "Save private key" and choose a location to save your new ppk file. Right-click again in the same text field and choose "Copy".

Type putty. Under "Host Name" type "linux. Right-click to paste your public SSH key into the file. Hold the ctrl key and press x to save the file. When asked "Saved modified buffer? When prompted for "File Name to Write:" simply press Enter.

On your home computer: Plug in a USB drive. If it does not auto-mount, open File Explorer and open the USB device on the lefthand side of the window. Right-click inside the empty document and click "Paste" to paste your public SSH key.

Click on "File" and then "Save" to save the file, then close Notepad. In a terminal, run df -hT to find the full path to your mounted USB drive. Click on the "Advanced In the lefthand panel, underneath "SSH", click on "Authentication". To prevent man-in-the-middle attacks , each SSH server has a unique identifying code, called a host key. If you connect to a server for the first time or if the server presets a different key then previously, WinSCP will prompt you to verify the key.

SSH clients and servers can use a number of encryption methods. By default, AES is used if supported by the server. Depending on your security and performance requirements, you may wish to configure WinSCP to prefer the Blowfish algorithm. DES is widely regarded as insecure, as the resources to perform an exhaustive brute-force attack have been well within the realm of commercial feasibility for some time.

SSH supports data stream compression between the client and the server. Large text files may still benefit significantly, while binaries may transfer more slowly. You may want to experiment to find what works best in your situation. Compression may also improve security slightly, in part by rendering known cyphertext attacks more difficult and by providing less data for cryptanalysis.

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