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W Thunderbird Rd # , Phoenix, AZ is an apartment unit listed for rent Boutique communityHome depotNewly constructedClose to everythingBest. ± Acre retail pad with I frontage. Property is adjacent to Home Depot anchored neighborhood shopping center. de contact et 20 avis pour The Home Depot à W Thunderbird Rd, Phoenix, AZ, ou écrire un avis. Heure locale (Phoenix), jeudi 17 mars CISCO SOFTWARE GROUP

Hydroponics Depot. Storage Solutions I. Storage Solutions. Jiffy Lube. Zia Record Exchange. Northstar School of Driving. Frank D. I like this Home Depot location. I have always been able to find what I need, at a good price, and with a good selection available. The only negatives I can see with this Home Depot are the ongoing construction in the parking lot and the lack of available employees inside.

Specifically, when getting keys made there seems to be a longer wait than I would prefer for something simple as keys. But overall I still like this store. It has what I need, the prices are always pretty decent, and the return policy is liberal. Tony K. The location is easy to find. Plenty of parking The store was not busy at 1. The clerks were helpful and a lot of items on sale.

Heather P. I like the Depot. I never like the reason for going which is usually to fix something that is broken. Plumbing, flooring, walls, landscape — they have it all. The prices are reasonable and the staff is MORE than friendly. Going with the hubby which involves going up each and every aisle makes you start searching for objects to kill yourself but marriage is compromise right?

He puts up with me going through the garden area and trying to pick out plants and flowers which usually meet a sad demise. So I go through the aisles of pvc plumbing supplies and cabinet latches and it never ceases to amaze me that there are these types of items and also that my husband knows what their use is.

I am lucky he knows how to fix things as it has saved us lits thanks to placea like Home Depot. Rat S. Through my business I spend a shipload of money at Home Depot every month. So I decided I better go in to complete, and pay for the order. I sat around waiting, and waiting, and waiting at the flooring desk. While I sat waiting, I noticed a police officer walking through store with two Home Depot employees following behind, mocking and saluting her.

Myke R. The bolts were too long to pull the two locks tight on the door. The design was different from old one. I asked for help and he tried to refer me to security door specialist store. I started looking at the bolts on the shelf. I saw a kit with just the bolt assembly and it looked thinner. Yep, this one matched my deadbolt that fit. So… I know more about deadbolts than the guy working at Home Depot.

I do marketing for a living. Ted A. I recently started a home remodeling project that had me running back and forth to Home Depot. Every time I had a question or needed some type of assistance I was able to talk with a Home Depot staff member for help. Additionally, the classes offered by this Home Depot staff has continued to allow people like myself the opportunity to learn about do it yourself projects such as; drywall, plumbing, flooring, etc.

I would recommend this to anyone whom is looking to build up their home improvement skills. Finally, I would like to mention the continued appreciation that I have for the entire Home Depot staff as a whole. The ladies who assist in the return department, as well as the gentlemen who always help me load items into my car all play a huge role as to why I go to this location over and over again. Please keep up the great work! Matthew S. Very helpful associates even at 9 : 45 pm. Bart S.

Do NOT buy appliances from here! I just purchased a new dishwasher from Home Depot. After waiting for a week for it to arrive, they arrived to deliver and install it and promptly told me they could not do the installation because I they are not allowed to use a power cord longer than 5 feet long. I called, gave Home Depot the opportunity to fix the problem and they echoed the delivery guys.

I immediately refused delivery and had to start the process again with a competitor. Consequently, I learned that Home Depot contracts through GE to do the installations and this is a GE policy, so any other stores that use them for this purpose will have the same problem. Lauren S. Justin B. And 4 When they have the Free complementary coffee taking that edge off and making you forget that you have a hard day of work ahead for that brief second.

Home Depot on Thunderbird is another location I frequent many time for there customer service, and fine selection of always stocked products…. Shawn R. We have been doing some house refurbishment, and have come to this HD often, usually with very good results. We stopped in today and were accosted by «Solar City» vendors, behaving like barkers at the carnival. Two of them in rapid succession pushed into our space with their pitch. I come to HD for products, not to be pitched.

Shame on HD for letting these scum bags in the store and letting them act like such clowns. Shayna W. I come to Home Depot all the time for stuff. Due to the large size of my yard I dot just need supplies, I need them in bulk or large containers to save money and I was able to find that here.

Paul T. I came to this location at about 7 : 30 on a Sunday. I was looking to purchase two power tools, and accessories to help me complete a project. I found an employee and asked to check stock on the two items, both of which they had 2 of each.

While the employee was looking, he got distracted by two women looking for have a key made. This apparently caused him to completely lose focus and forget he was supposed to be helping me. After a few minutes he must have handed off the task of finding my two power tools to an older associate.

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home depot i 17 and thunderbird

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