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Currently CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + Hotkey commands are reserved for AnyDesk shortcuts. A list of our shortcuts can be found below. Ctrl + Alt + Del: If you press these keys on your keyboard, this command will always execute on your own desk, regardless of whether an AnyDesk window is. pege.perinn.xyz › Help Center › Features. ULTRAVNC RFB Anydesk shift key migrate from em client to outlook anydesk shift key

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I am using anydesk to connect to remote machines. I understand this is a 3rd-party program, but I think this is not anydesk related. Symptoms: When I connect to any remote machine using the latest 5. Basically if I press both shift keys over and over with the key I want to shift I may get it working once every 20 characters.

Of course, there is sitll a chance this is something anydesk specific, but it's also possible this is manjaro specific. As far as I can tell neither Anydesk nor Manjaro have a formal bug tracker I can submit this to. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to diagnosis this further? Moved to technical-issues-and-assistance:third-party-applications. Could also be your display server xorg or proprietary nvidia. Did you check to be sure shift was not set as a keybinding in your I3 setup?

This all looks pretty standard. It's almost as if manjaro sends 'shift release' everytime it sends shift it could be on the anydesk side, but again this works in ubuntu, so there's something different between ubuntu and manjaro that is causing this. More info: I have a VM with manjaro with It seems like it might be a package in the Still not sure even how to find out which one though.

Yes, but the download binary file from Anydesk's website for general, Redhat, Ubuntu, etc. The base files used for each binary would be compiled with different options, and using different typically older versions than Manjaro. See if updating your You might need to allow cross-profile communication in your MDM solution. To install it, you need to allow the installation of untrusted sources.

This can be done for specific apps though we recommend only doing this for file explorers and not for web browser applications. Note: Setting and menu names may differ depending on the Android version and vendor.

The following examples are based on the original Google Android environment. Due to changes by some vendors on Android, a restart of the Android device may be required for the control plugin to be functional. Warning: Please note that the usage of this workaround is without warranty from AnyDesk, and can harm and even violate the warranty of your device. AnyDesk can then be used for remote view only. A possible workaround is to use the adb shell. More information about adb can be found at the official adb documentation.

Starting with Android 10 and newer, Android forces to accept a Dialog for Screen recording. A workaround to bypass the request is the following adb shell command:. Android has a feature called Battery Optimization which can automatically disable applications running in the background to preserve the battery. However, if this feature is activated, it can cause issues with AnyDesk as Android will then automatically quit AnyDesk as soon as it has been placed in the background for seconds which is the case when controlling the Android device through the AnyDesk application.

As Android automatically stops AnyDesk from running, it will also terminate the session connection. Therefore, it is recommended that an exception is configured for AnyDesk within the Battery Optimization settings. For instructions on how to deactivate this feature or to place AnyDesk on the exception list, please refer to your device's manual.

Depending on the Android version and the manufacturer, the process can vary slightly. Below, we have provided instructions on how to disable the procedure for Google Pixel phones as well as Motorola devices:. If encountering errors or a crash on AnyDesk for Android, please send us the trace files as well as a description of the issue.

To do so, please:. Note: Access to API is for system apps only. For detailed documentation, please contact us. Back to home. Getting Started. Other Platforms. System Requirements. Assign License Key. Session Menu. File Transfer.

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