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How can I set mail rules “from person” to move all incoming email to a sub-folder in Local Folders? Although I created a rule. Go to Menu > Rules and a window with various options will appear, from where you can create and edit the rules. Click '+New rule' and follow. Smart folders are a special feature in eM Client that can put all messages from the same type of folders together. CITRIX XENAPP SERVER SOCKET OPERATION ON NON SOCKET

If you want to change the Rule because your server uses unusual syntax in the header, you can delete that Rule and then add it again using the option below. That will enable you to edit it. Finally, the latest version of eM Client available on the website, 7. If nothing seems to fix your problem, uninstall eM Client making sure NOT to delete the database when asked, and download and install 7.

See if that helps. New emails are arriving on the server with the characters SSNTV in the title since the rule was created, but when sometime later, I synch the client version with the web mail no categorisation in this case is applied. If I do this manually on the inbox it will work. If the message has been read using the web mail client, or another email client on your phone, then the Rule in eM Client will not apply to it automatically.

This is a wild card search, so if the subject is Benthall Hall ssntvrb it will work. Anyway 1 day after original rules were defined, new emails arriving are correctly processed by the rule. Perhaps this was due to other problems with emC connectivity to BT yahoo mail - may be the rule application for one of the two email accounts was not completed installed. Now after several refreshes it seems it is! Just a different way of doing the same thing. Actually it probably is exactly the same way that the Rule does it behind the scenes, just a manual way of specifying the argument.

Glad it is now working, despite your email provider. And you are sure that qcpor or the word you redacted is in the message body of messages sent from who you specified? Not the subject, but the body? It worked fine both in Outlook and Gmail. If you already have a Rule that categorizes the message OK, then just add the move option to that same Rule. See if there is any difference. Rule to move emails to folders. If that still does not help, can you give a screenshot of the Rule.

Hi Gary. Thank you so much for your reply. The second rule is not. The second rule is created in EM Client after the account is disconnected from Outlook.


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