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Get the best deals on Oil Pans for for Ford Thunderbird when you shop the largest online selection at pege.perinn.xyz Free shipping on many items | Browse. Ford Thunderbird V8 Lhd Paperwork in order and on the road. V8 Lhd. Add to wishlist. R Negotiable For Sale. The Silver Anniversary Edition, Heritage, and – Town Landau have B-pillar opera windows in the style of the – Thunderbird (without the large. FILEHIPPO SPLASHTOP

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To mark the 25th anniversary of the Thunderbird, Ford offered a commemorative "Silver Anniversary Edition" for the model year. In response to the rule change, Ford debuted the eighth-generation Thunderbird while also eligible, no drivers fielded a Mercury Cougar XR7. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the eighth generation of the Ford Thunderbird automobile.

For general Thunderbird information, see Ford Thunderbird. Motor vehicle. Retrieved 6 November The Boxy T-Birds". Retrieved 10 November Car and Driver. Retrieved October 15, Ford vehicles. Ford Motor Company. E-Series Cutaway F F Category Commons. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Commons category link from Wikidata.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Personal luxury car. Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive. Ford Thunderbird seventh generation. Ford Thunderbird ninth generation. Production [18]. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ford Thunderbird eighth generation. LTD Crown Victoria. Crown Victoria. Country Squire. Personal luxury.

Sport compact. Escort ZX2. Fiesta ST.

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Did I want a Hemi Cuda? Of course, but I also wanted one of these smaller Thunderbirds based on the Fox Platform. Leather Vinyl seats but no power windows or locks? The seller has only posted four photos in the craigslist ad but at least they hit on the interior and engine compartment.

Did I mention that this is also a one-owner car? Could this be the V8? Are any of you fans of these earlys Thunderbirds or had they flown the coop by then in your opinion? This was probably NOT the best thing to say to a 17 year old, and Dave made it his mission to kill the car: dropping it into reverse while the car was moving forward, taking it out to the woods to hoon it, not changing the oil or performing maintenance, and so on.

Like Scotty says, no one likes these. So it is amazing to compare it to the major restyling for Plus these were before performance started its comeback. And of course if you wanted to have fun with it, just visit any of the Fox Body parts shops. I agree Bob….. I can find something to like about almost any car…. But these thunderbirds….

We all have our own likes and dislikes. The earlier ones are not bad but the later ones got pretty ugly in the front. That could be a v8 under the hood, with a whopping horsepower. This generation Bird was the worst IMO.

Those were extremely slow. Listing is over 30 days old, so if it not sold, something is wrong. Ah, right. The 3. My bad. Still slower than molasses though. I had one with a c. It was a company car. I kept looking out the back window for the 30 ft. Airstream that must have been attached to the car. It was quick like a glacier but actually was ok once you got up to speed. It looked better than it was.

My 85 Jeep Wagoneer XJ felt molasses slow from the stop light with the 2. It was a 5spd. But once it got up to speed it felt good. I traded it about 2 years ago for my 84 Mercury Cougar LS which runs excellent with the 3. But it would take that stroker.

The passing of time has not made this car any less searingly ugly. There is a reason they are so rare. But at that price, some one somewhere has been looking for it. Well that looks better than the 4 door 81 cougar I drove. Those were the best for that era, I guess. I had the opportunity to drive the cougar version of this brand new it belonged to my boss at that time who downsized from a Buick Electra It had the V8 It was a very pleasant car to drive but I would consider it near luxury not luxury.

It would can take all the hot rod parts of A fox body Mustang and be a lot more unique. I had a new Thunderbird that had power windows but not power locks in a two door car it would be better to have the reverse. The oddball car to find is the cougar station wagon version of this car. Great write up Scotty. You made mention of the raised headlight doors. They are vacuum operated.

When, or if the engine is started, they come back down. When they sit for a while, they slowely loose vacuum and come back up. I remember the first time I saw one of these on the road. My dad and I were in the car one night in late , going who knows where, and we pulled up behind a car at a traffic signal. My brain is hard-wired for cars. My first car was a Mercury Cougar XR Mine was the and it was tired. I did the body work and my dad painted it for me, looked nice.

Mine had the buckets and console. Owned one back in the day, only a couple of years old. Still remember the falling headliner resting on my head as I drove along. Got rid of it after a year or so. I agree with Bob C. I would love a Fairmont of this vintage though, much better styling. DS armrest is trashed. Pics are typical Craigslist, taken-with-a-ZTE-burner quality. I also have a weird fascination for these cars.

Too bad this is on the wrong coast! They were good cars, just no T-bird that I remember. I knew a guy that bought a ? Cougar XR7 brand new. I believe it was pretty much the same car. When he brought it over to show me and take me for a spin I was fascinated by the digital dash.

All my cars were older junkers and this was pretty much cutting edge to me. Anyway it was a good car for him but useless in the snow. I think it had aluminum wheels with metric tires on it. Looks like 6 leads coming off the distributor, so the 3. Would fit with the base equipment level of this car. Really a low water mark for Ford and the storied Thunderbird brand. Fortunately they really redeemed themselves with the 83 aero Bird.

Styled like suppositories, or the boxes they were sold out of, it was a grim time of sh! I wish I could demand those years back. Engines were strangled and had no power. Horn button on the end of the turn signal stalk? But, the Fox platform was well balanced and light, they ride was solid and composed, they were quiet and handling while not sporty was solid and composed. The company I worked for had a Fox-based LTD wagon, everyone loved it for road trips because it was so comfortable, quiet and easy riding.

It was the era of downsizing and it took them a while to get a hang on it The Fox Body Mustang and Fairmont came from this same platform and were decent cars. You could still get cars with a stick shift back then too. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Take that T-Bird to car show and it will get more looks than a Corvette.

Of course the same is true with a Pinto. Clean it up, give ti what it needs and drive the thing. I always liked the T birds! Why all the hate? This one is rare in that it does not have any sort of vinyl top. They look cleaner without it. It was a good looking, intellegently sized, roomy and economical car. A similar but better equipped one sold around here for a few hundred bucks a couple years ago. Anyone in? I usually can find something I like about almost any car. Mercury Cougar Wagon?

Any GM product from ? Sign me up. A Lincoln Versailles? Had one, loved it. A Granada? An Aztek? But these T-Birds…. Having said that, these T-Birds are…. I bought a Silver Anniversary Edition back in and was sorry I ever traded it in, so I got one 2 years ago. Loved them then, and love them now. That all ended about , when carmakers switched to building disposable junk, that hold half the substance of cars made earlier. I like to see even turds preserved, even if just for novelty and curiosity sake.

Me, I only have so much space and resources, and for any possible neat angle that might be present in a post car, all I gotta do is consider something earlier, and there is just so much more car and bang for the buck than anything made later. I hear you, and for value and resale I completely agree. As for driving, however, the fox body wins the day. They are light and have a nearly bottomless supply of suspensions and brake upgrades. Plus any conceivable engine swap and upgrade has been done and documented.

I have a built and balanced stroker motor on an engine stand. I have been looking for the ugliest fox body variant to put it in and this would fit the bill nicely with a manual transmission conversion of course. The color is spot on too.

My first new car was a Thunderbird. I ended up keeping it for 19 years. Later bought a Diamond Jubilee that was hit by a drunk. I now have a Town Landau. My 81 Mercury Zephyr Z7 that I used to own had the same rubber floor mats. I do like how the bumpers are the same color as the car. My Zephyr had chrome bumpers. I was told starting in 69 or That poor car got tortured.

This car brings back a lot of memories. I am probably one of the rare people as I really liked this body style. I had an 81 Thunderbird with the two-tone paint. But it sure got around good and I loved the stylish interior. I worked for Ford in this era. Remember, the oil embargo of January caused sales of the formerly wildly popular 79 T-Bird and Cougar to hit the wall; they were not exactly fuel economy champs.

The downsized versions were widely anticipated by the dealers, until they saw what they looked like. Had the proportions been less awkward wider track, especially these would have sold better as the styling was the primary criticism. This is the car I learned to drive when I was 16 in my father had a model exactly the same 2 tone colors, I have good memories with this car and would love to drive one again!

In my cousin owned a Town Landau T-Bird. Midnight Blue with light blue leather. The Town Landau was the top of the line for the first year model design until The Heritage. It was a very nice car, fully loaded and as a young kid of 15 years old I was amazed at the technology such as the keyless entry and the digital instrument panel like the gas gauge and the speedometer. There was so much criticism regarding this design but I really never understood why.

Nice car and worth the asking bid. I have a Ford Thunderbird with only 50, miles on it. It had 47, miles at that time. I have no problems with my Thunderbird. It is kept in our garage which it keeps out of bad weather.

I am very pleased with the car. Become a member to add images to your comments. Keep me in the conversation via email. Or subscribe without commenting. Especially seats Contact. No thanks, I'm already subscribed. Barn Finds. Join Now Log In. Bill Owens. Buyer Tools: Inspections Want Ads. Canadian Ford. Get Daily Email Updates:. Comments Scotty Gilbertson Staff. Nice find, Bill! P Wentzell. Really nice, but too far away from me maybe a good thing. Scott D Carey. They do it every day!

Bob C. Don H. I just remember electrical problems from when they were new. I am sure that was an easy fix, but quality was not job 1 with these cars. Mitch Ross Member. Sam Shive. J Paul Member. Of course, the irony is that both cars, under the skin, share a LOT of similarities… 1. Roseland Pete. Steve Beaulieu. Keith D. Bob Riley. Bob R. Steven A Brooks.

I would really like to buy an 81 Thunderbird if anyone is willing to sell. Unfinished Project: Ford Mustang Fast back. Sign up for our free daily newsletter: Unsubscribe anytime. Enjoying Barn Finds?

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