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Originally, TeamViewer wasn't available on Chrome OS, but as the platform gained more popularity, the dev team released a trial version for. TeamViewer for Chrome OS. Use your Chromebook to establish remote connections to support travel in real time or access to other computers. Hello there everyone! My mom is moving from a Windows laptop to a Chromebook and she often needs me to access her laptop, often while it's. WINSCP COM LIBRARY

Jan 12, 24, , 5, Also consider Chrome remote desktop, it offers fairly decent integration considering its a ChromeOS. Jan 27, 5, Access the Play Store through on the Chromebook and download it through there or click on the "Get it on Play Store" image on the page you linked.

That's the only one that will work for you. Reactions: schwim. You must log in or register to reply here. Post thread. Question Asus s dry solder joints? Graphics Cards. Question Is Sets coming back to Windows? Started by modeonoff Today at PM Replies: 2. Windows Power Supplies. Latest posts F. Question Is w psu enough for i5 , gtx , 16gb Latest: rolli59 12 minutes ago. Latest: KingOfSnub 15 minutes ago.

Question No video - No signal Latest: rgd 16 minutes ago. Moderators online. Tom's Hardware is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Visit our corporate site. All rights reserved.

England and Wales company registration number Question Chromebook wont recognize cell phones via usb. Mar 4, Question Old Laptop to Chromebook conversion. Feb 13, Jan 2, Question Zoom Issues On Chromebook. Dec 22, Nov 22, Nov 1, The apps is same as the website as far as I can see, unless you are talking about the android app rather than web store app. Essentially if there are changes this is what is happening, Google are moving to PWA which means the website first which can be turned into an app by clicking install on you menu.

I prefer for idea of web first because whilst sometimes Which google are making better all the time it means less functionality it generally means more reliability, web stuff is just so much more reliable in my experience. There are standards people stick to and more mass testing than apps. Hi, thanks for this info above.. Issue is me with a chromebook and other person has a chromebook. I have 2 questions I cannot find answers to no matter how I word it on google.

The user you are helping is required to have the extension installed in order to share their screen. You as the helper does not need the extension, just access to the website if you are not using the mobile app.

You are not restricted to just the browser. You can even lock the users screen and still have access. Signing them out will end the session. Just assemble and ship the Pi-KVM to the location where you need to connect. Is there a way that a parent can watch what a child is doing on a chromebook without the child knowing?

Thanks for your suggestions. Is there a way to keep the connection open instead of having to insert the code every time I want to access the device remotely? I would like to do the same with a Chromebox. I love the form factor of my primary tools. There will never be a Chromebook with all the features of these devices I use as my primary input and control tool.

Having a separation between user interface and processing gives a better experience. Discarding user interface when only the processing engine needs an upgrade is old-school. There is no one on the other end to accept this without me going to that location and physically accepting.

Is there not a better way for this? As a Network Admin I have remote access to thousands of machines in our district without having to accept that connection. If it were for security reason that a Chromebook forbids unattended remote access, then why is it allowed on the Windows platform? I can remote access as many Windows machines that I have setup with Chrome Remote Access setup with my Google account.

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