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x11vnc: a VNC server for real X displays For Unix, the traditional VNC implementation includes a "virtual" X11 server Xvnc (usually launched via the. x11vnc allows one to remotely view and interact with real X displays (i.e. a display For Unix, the VNC implementation includes a virtual X11 server Xvnc. x11vnc is a VNC server for real X displays. VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a very useful network graphics protocol which allows multiple simple remote. SPLASHTOP WHAT IS MY SERVER URL

Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. Improve this answer. Sekenre Sekenre 2, 1 1 gold badge 17 17 silver badges 16 16 bronze badges. If you go this route, be aware that you might hit the problem hinted at with this question: serverfault. So where is the fedora package for it : — grom. Have a look here: rpm. Fedora 11 is too new. Try installing the Fedora 10 packages. Show 2 more comments. Ivan Talalaev Ivan Talalaev 2 2 silver badges 6 6 bronze badges.

Just note you will usually need to specify vnc password file too: x0vncserver -display :0 -rfbauth. For the record, Debian provides the package tigervnc-scraping-server for this use-case — Joril. Convict Convict 1, 9 9 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. Robert Munteanu: no you are mistaken. Robert: gnome. Evan Evan 1 1 gold badge 3 3 silver badges 5 5 bronze badges. Use xrfb. I need to type more than 10 characters, lalalaa.

Thomas Thomas 1, 11 11 silver badges 14 14 bronze badges. A link to the home page would be much more useful. I did a fairly elaborate setup for a customer site that might be appropriate for you. This is based on a configuration I did for a customer.

They wanted the following: that users could remote-desktop into an already-running desktop running on the system console; that users could initiate a session running on the console if one wasn't already running, and then use that; and that other users could connect to an already-running desktop, sharing access with the user who was already logged in. Beware the security implications too.

Community Bot 1. David Mackintosh David Mackintosh Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog. Time to get on trend. The VNC protocol is in most cases better suited for remote connections with low bandwidth and high latency than is the X11 protocol because it involves far fewer "roundtrips" an exception is the cached pixmap data on the viewing-end provided by X.

Also, with no state maintained the viewing-end can crash, be rebooted, or relocated and the applications and desktop continue running. Not so with X However, sometimes one wants to connect to a real X11 display i. Maybe you want to close down an application cleanly rather than using kill, or want to work a bit in an already running application, or would like to help a distant colleague solve a problem with their desktop, or would just like to work out on the deck for a while.

This is where x11vnc is useful. In this basic example let's assume the remote machine with the X display you wish to view is "far-away. Step 0. Download x11vnc see below and have it available to run on far-away. Similarly, have a VNC viewer e. Step 1. By some means log in to far-away. You can use ssh, or even rlogin, telnet, or any other method to do this.

We do this because the x11vnc process needs to be run on the same machine the X server process is running on otherwise things would be extremely slow. Step 2. In that far-away. This step attaches x11vnc to the far-away. If x11vnc does not have the authority to connect to the display it exits immediately. More on how to fix this below. If you suspect an X11 permissions problem do this simple test: while sitting at the physical X display open a terminal window gnome-terminal, xterm, etc.

You should be able to run x11vnc successfully in that terminal without any need for command line options. If that works OK then you know X11 permissions are the only thing preventing it from working when you try to start x11vnc via a remote shell. Then fix this with the tips below. End of Common Gotcha. When x11vnc starts up there will then be much chatter printed out use "-q" to quiet it , until it finally says something like:.

Step 3. At the place where you are sitting sitting-here. You can use any of them to connect to x11vnc see the above VNC links under "Background:" on how to obtain a viewer for your platform or see this FAQ. In this example we'll use the Unix vncviewer program on sitting-here by typing the following command in a second terminal window:. That should pop up a viewer window on sitting-here.

Pretty nifty! When finished, exit the viewer: the remote x11vnc process will shutdown automatically or you can use the -forever option to have it wait for additional viewer connections. Common Gotcha: Nowadays there will likely be a host-level firewall on the x11vnc side that is blocking remote access to the VNC port e. You will either have to open up that port or a range of ports in your firewall administration tool, or try the SSH tunnelling method below even still the firewall must allow in the SSH port, Shortcut: Of course if you left x11vnc running on far-away.

Be sure to use a VNC Password or other measures if you do that. There are a number of things assumed here, first that you are able to SSH into the remote host; i. Finally, it is assumed that you are already logged into an X session on the remote machine, e. Xvfb, will be started for you.

End of Super Shortcut. Desktop Sharing: The above more or less assumed nobody was sitting at the workstation display "far-away. This is often the case: a user wants to access her workstation remotely. Another usage pattern has the user sitting at "far-away. Perhaps the user gives a demo or presentation this way using the telephone for vocal communication. A "Remote Help Desk" mode would be similar: a technician connects remotely to the user's desktop to interactively solve a problem the user is having.

For these cases it should be obvious how it is done. The above steps will work, but more easily the user sitting at far-away. For this usage mode the "-connect host1,host2" option may be of use to automatically connect to the vncviewers in "-listen" mode on the list of hosts. The above example had no security or privacy at all.

When logging into remote machines certainly when going over the internet it is best to use ssh, or use a VPN for a VPN, Virtual Private Network, the above example should be pretty safe. For x11vnc one can tunnel the VNC protocol through an encrypted ssh channel.

It would look something like running the following commands:. Note: The -encodings option is very important: vncviewer will often default to "raw" encoding if it thinks the connection is to the local machine, and so vncviewer gets tricked this way by the ssh redirection. Note that "x11vnc -localhost This is very natural for ssh tunnelling the redirection appears to come from the same machine.

Use of a VNC password is also strongly recommended. Note also the -t we used above force allocate pseudoterminal , it actually seems to improve interactive typing response via VNC! You may want to add the -C option to ssh to enable compression. The VNC compression is not perfect, and so this may help a bit. Try both and see which is faster. If your username is different on the remote machine use something like: " fred far-away. See the 3rd script example below for more info.

Normally this will start a virtual Terminal Services X session RAM-only , but if you already have a real X session up on the physical hardware it will find that one for you. Where gateway. Once logged in, you'll need to do a second login ssh, rsh, etc. The "-connect gatewayxx" option may be another alternative here with the viewer already in -listen mode. For an automatic way to use a gateway and have all the network traffic encrypted including inside the firewall see Chaining SSH's.

Note that for use of a ssh gateway and -L redirection to an internal host e. Kyle Amon shows a method where you chain two ssh's together that encrypts all network traffic and also automatically starts up x11vnc on the internal workstation:. Also note the use of sudo 1 to switch to root so that the different user's. Xauthority file can be accessed. See the visudo 8 manpage for details on how to set this up remove the sudo if you do not want to do this. One can also chain together ssh's for reverse connections with vncviewers using the -listen option.

For this case -R would replace the -L and the , see the 2 example script above. A lot of people have inexpensive devices for home or office that act as a Firewall and Router to the machines inside on a private LAN. This way you reach these computers from anywhere on the Internet and use x11vnc to view X sessions running on them. Where far-away.

It is a good idea to add some obscurity to accessing your system via SSH by using some high random port e. If you can't remember it, or are otherwise not worried about port scanners detecting the presence of your SSH server and there is just one internal PC involved you could map So you will need to see what is needed to configure it to allow in the port e.

Yast, Firestarter, iptables 1 , etc.. This could be used for normal, unencrypted connections and also for SSL encrypted ones. We assume above that x11vnc is using port and any Host-Level-firewalls on jills-pc has been configured to let that port in. Use the "-rfbport" option to tell which port x11vnc should listen on.

For a home system one likely does not have a hostname and would have to use the IP address, say, " You may want to choose a more obscure port on the router side, e. For you would tell the viewer to use:. Scripts to automate ssh tunneling: As discussed below, there may be some problems with port being available. If that happens, the above port and display numbers may change a bit e. However, if you "know" port will be free on the local and remote machines, you can easily automate the above two steps by using the x11vnc option -bg forks into background after connection to the display is set up or using the -f option of ssh.

Some example scripts are shown below. Feel free to try the ssh -C to enable its compression and see if that speeds things up noticeably. A simple example script, assuming no problems with port being taken on the local or remote sides, looks like:. Another method is to start the VNC viewer in listen mode "vncviewer -listen" and have x11vnc initiate a reverse connection using the -connect option:.

Note the use of the ssh option "-R" instead of "-L" to set up a remote port redirection. A third way is specific to the TightVNC vncviewer special option -via for gateways. Of course if you already have the x11vnc running waiting for connections or have it started out of inetd 8 , you can simply use the TightVNC "vncviewer -via gateway host:port" in its default mode to provide secure ssh tunnelling.

VNC password file: Also note in the 1. The vncpasswd or storepasswd programs, or the x11vnc -storepasswd option can be used to create the password file. Very Important: It is up to YOU to tell x11vnc to use password protection -rfbauth or -passwdfile , it will NOT do it for you automatically or force you to use -usepw if you want to be forced to.

The same goes for encrypting the channel between the viewer and x11vnc: it is up to you to use ssh, stunnel, -ssl mode, a VPN, etc. Although not as ubiquitous as ssh, SSL tunnelling still provides a useful alternative. See this FAQ on -ssl and -stunnel modes for details and examples.

And many other enhancements too. I use libvncserver for all of the VNC aspects; I couldn't have done without it. The full source code may be found and downloaded either file-release tarball or GIT tree from the above link. As of Sep , the x11vnc The x11vnc 0. The x11vnc package is the subset of the libvncserver package needed to build the x11vnc program. Also, you can get a copy of my latest, bleeding edge x11vnc The above example would be: "rx11vnc far-away. Also included is an experimental script rx11vnc.

Have a look at them to see what they do and customize as needed:. On a Debian-based distro you can simply do. You might want to take a look at the dfferent configure options provided by configure --help to build without X11 or adapt the build to your needs in other ways. So on Solaris 9 you can pick up everything with something like this:. These are getting pretty long, see those assignments split up in the build script below.

Other important build utilities are there too: ld, ar, etc. Starting with the 0. If you need to build on Solaris 2. Also starting with the 0. For jpeg and zlib you will need to do the same sort of thing as described above for Solaris. It is a good idea to have static archives, e.

Where we had static archives libjpeg. On HP-UX As a workaround for x11vnc 0. If you need to do this, contact me and I will give you a drastic recipe that will produce a working binary. AIX: one user had to add the "X For a recent build on AIX 5. There is now native Mac OS X support for x11vnc by using the raw framebuffer feature.

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Server Fault is a question and answer site for system and network administrators.

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Filezilla ftp ssl ports Up and Down arrows adjust the station if a tuner F1, F2, The scroll detection algorithm for the -scrollcopyrect option can give choppy or bunched up transient output and occasionally painting errors. The output of the command is not printed, the program or script must manage that by some other means. This is also of use if the local machine has a limited number of shm segments and -onetile is not sufficient. This could be very useful on SunRays and also any system where multiple users share a given machine. The "-connect gatewayxx" option may be another alternative here with the viewer already in -listen mode.
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How to edit stored procedure in mysql workbench Also as a special case "-accept xmessage" will run the xmessage 1 program to prompt the user whether the client should be accepted or not. Otherwise it will run the v4l- info 1 external program if it is available. In summary this means compiling x11vnc against OpenSSL 1. Improve this question. So be sure to protect the X display and that file's write permissions.


Terminal services mode based on SSL access. Alias for. Display manager Terminal services mode based on SSL. To create a session a user will have to first log in. Subsequent re-connections will. See the discussion. Display manager Terminal services mode based on SSH. To create a session a user will also have to log into. Present a "Press 'Escape' for System Greeter" option. They will then. First to. Note that if the user. The special options after a colon at the end of the.

WAIT: are also applied in this mode if they are typed. The username is ignored. The default message is 2 lines in a small font, set. Xvnc or vnc. In fact, the protocol does not even need to be VNC,. IR stunnel 1. This mode only allows one redirected connection. If the display string begins with WAIT: then. This could be useful for delaying opening the display. If the string is, e. One can also insert a geometry between colons, e. A more interesting case is like this:. The first line of the command output.

On Linux. IR chvt 1. For example;. NOTE: As specified in the previous paragraph, you can. Most people use these instead of creating. Read the following especially the. After the user logs in successfully, these options will. For example,. Most of these colon options only apply to the builtin.

In the login panel, press F1 to get a list of the. It sets the width and height of. You can also supply "gnome", "kde", "twm",. Note: this option will. User preferences file: Instead of having the user type. To disable the option setting set the environment.

To set any other options, the user can use the gui. This could. The user does. You can have the x11vnc inetd spawned process run as,. When run as root for either inetd. Note: there will be a 2nd SSL helper. IR who 1. To have this default script printed to stdout e. If your X server s have a login greeter. The ":" is optional. Ranges n-m e. This string. IR lsof 1. However, if it does not. This is the only time x11vnc tries to.

It will start looking for an open display number at By default 80 X displays are allowed i. For its heuristics, the create display script sets. By default. However, if you don't mind it keeping. The Xdummy wrapper is part of the x11vnc source code. Xdummy only works on Linux.

As of. In some circumstances. Xvfb is available on most platforms and does not. An advantage of Xdummy over Xvfb is that Xdummy supports. When x11vnc exits i. The user must exit the X session in the usual way for.

So this is a somewhat odd mode for x11vnc in that it. This can. If for some reason you do not want x11vnc to ever. You can specify the preferred X server order via e. The the case "X" means try. IR xinit 1. IR startx 1.

If there is already an X server running. You can make. Similarly for. The user will have to supply his username and password. For this to work, you will. If you set the env. In this case it will. So in Xvnc. This should be. The idea here is to take advantage of x11vnc's display. Most of x11vnc's options do not apply in this mode. To control when and how VeNCrypt is used, specify the.

If mode is "never", then VeNCrypt is. If mode is "support" the default then. VeNCrypt is supported. If mode is "only", then the. If mode is prefixed with "nodh:", then Diffie Hellman. If mode is prefixed. To disable all Anonymous Diffie-Hellman access. If mode is prefixed with "newdh:", then new Diffie.

Hellman parameters are generated for each connection. Using fixed, publicly. Also, if mode is prefixed with "plain:", then. Diffie-Hellman encrypted connections, and hence no. If mode is "only", then the similar. VeNCrypt protocol is not simultaneously supported.

This setting applies to VeNCrypt as well. You must also. For some operations a set of Diffie Hellman parameters. If so, use the. In particular, the VeNCrypt and. By default a. If you do not want to do that you. If that. Use the openssl library www. This requires libssl support to be. If x11vnc is not. See this URL and also the discussion below for. IR openssl 1. CA, is a more sophisticated way to verify this server's. This authentication is. Man-In-The-Middle attacks.

There are hacker tools. If [pem] is empty or the string "SAVE" then the. A self-signed certificate. It will be saved to the. On subsequent calls if. However in. The temporary. Only with saved keys AND. In this mode there.

Thus only passive network sniffing attacks are avoided:. If your x11vnc binary was not compiled with OpenSSL. For such binaries, consider. Set SSL read timeout to n seconds. In some situations. Set to zero to poll forever. Set to a negative value. The default timeout for that is 20sec. Exit at the first SSL connection failure.

Useful when. The default is. This directory is used to store server and other. This can be used as a method. If path is a file,. See special tokens. IR stunnel 8. Note that if path is a directory, it must contain. If a token is "clients". As a kludge, use a token.

Note that if the "CA" cert is loaded you do not need. You will need to load any additional self-signed certs. So they. VNC-ing with x11vnc. CA management is not needed. So keep in mind no CA key creation or management. That way the administrator could generate. Next, he could create signed VNC server keys. Optionally, the admin could also make it so the. VNC clients themselves are authenticated to x11vnc. On the VNC client side, they will need to.

Web browsers have "Manage. Certificates" actions as does the Java applet plugin. Control Panel. If path is a file, the file contains one or more CRLs. If path is a directory, it contains. Note that if a CRL's expiration date has passed, all. SSL connections will fail regardless of if they are. However, when using. This way a new. To create a CRL file with revoked certificates the. Generate your own Certificate Authority private key,.

This command also creates directories where server and. After the CA files and directories are created the. You will be prompted for information to put into the CA. The info does not have to be accurate just.

You will also need to supply a passphrase of at least. Once you have generated the CA you can distribute. One will. Web browser, Java applet plugin, stunnel, etc. Next, you can create and sign keys using the CA with. Generate a VNC server or client certificate and private. After the Certificate is generated x11vnc exits; the. It is either "server" i. Note that typically. VNC or. An arbitrary default name you want to associate with. If name is left blank for clients keys then "nobody".

If left blank for server keys, then the. You can then send the. The distinction between "server" and "client" is. There is nothing special about the filename or directory. You can rename the files or move them to wherever. Note you cannot recreate a cert with exactly the same. To do so,. Tip: if you know the fully-qualified hostname other. CommonName "CN" to avoid some applications e. You will also need to supply the CA private key.

The "server" certs can be used by x11vnc directly by. The default. This one would. The pem file. Once that is done you can delete the. NOTE: It is very important to know one should. Otherwise if an. You will be prompted whether to encrypt the key with. It is recommended that you do.

One inconvenience to a passphrase is that it must. Example for a client certificate rarely used :. IR req 1. Utility to encrypt an existing PEM file with a. For that key to be. After the Key file is encrypted. Prints out information about an existing PEM file. In addition the public certificate is also printed. Basically the. After the info is printed the x11vnc command exits;. Using "LIST" will give a list of all certs being. Giving a. This is a useful way for other OpenSSL applications. Prompts you to delete all.

Prints out both the 'genCA' and 'genCert' x11vnc. The scripts are printed to stdout and then the x11vnc. This external tunnel method was implemented prior to the. It still. This mode requires stunnel. Version 4. Whether or not your stunnel has its own certificate. See your stunnel. In any event, if you want to. Note: the file may only be readable by root. If [pem] is not supplied, "SAVE" is assumed.

The strings. Your VNC viewer will also need to be able to connect. Unfortunately not too many do this. Also, in the x11vnc distribution, patched TightVNC. Note that for the Java viewer applet usage the. In general, it is also not too difficult to set up. A simple example on Unix using stunnel 3. For Windows, stunnel has been ported to it and there. Use version 3. Use symmetric encryption with cipher "cipher". If keyfile is. Use this option if you do not want to deal with SSL.

Or if you must interface with a symmetric key tunnel. See the OpenSSL documentation for. The keysize is bits except for aes Here is one way to make a keyfile with that many bits:. By default 16 bytes of random salt followed by 16 bytes. The other side must read these. These values. Similarly, the other side must send us. The salt and key data are combined to create a session.

The cipher is then seeded with keystr and uses. To modify the amount of random salt and initialization. It is not a good idea to set either one to zero,. The message digest can also be changed to something. The cipher 1st arg. For both ways of using the viewer, you can specify the. Since both use SSL the implementation was extended to. GET is taking place and. The URL would be, e. This is convenient for firewalls, etc, because only one.

However, this heuristic. That's right 3 separate "Are. The URL to use is printed out at startup. The SSL Java applet directory is specified via the. If "port" is not supplied, then. This is useful when an incoming TCP connection. The Java applet needs to. For example, one could. This spares the user from having to type in. Note that port is the default https port;.

To avoid having. This way you do. For UN-encrypted connections mode i. That is to say, you can use a single port for Java. As mentioned above, this mode will NOT work with. Note that is it equivalent to '-enc none' i. This mode could also be useful for SSH tunnels since. Create a remote listening port on machine "host". By default the remote sshd is usually configured to. The sshd setting GatewayPorts enables. If disp is. Use a. By default the remote ssh will issue a 'sleep ' to.

To modify. If the remote SSH server is on a non-standard port. It tries by looking at. If no other password method was supplied on the command. If none of these succeed x11vnc. Once the password is stored the. Called with one argument,. Disable the big warning message when you use x11vnc. Run a command possibly to prompt the user at the. X11 display to decide whether an incoming client.

IR system 3. See below for an. If x11vnc is running as root say from. IR xdm 1. The x11vnc process. The popup will time out after seconds,. This time the user will be identified as. IR xmessage 1. Both "popup" and "xmessage" will present an option.

This option will not be presented if. If the user supplied command is prefixed with something. Note that x11vnc blocks while the external command. So a person sitting a the physical. Similarly use "popupkey" to only recognize. These are to help avoid the. All 3 of the popup keywords can be followed. The default is to center the popup window.

If x11vnc is started as root say from. If x11vnc is not running as. Why use this option? In general it is not needed since. The option was added. In particular under. Since this option switches userid it also affects the. It also affects the ability to read. So be careful with this option since in some situations. In general the switch to a user will only take place. Note that a malicious local user "barney" by. Under display managers it may be a long time before. To instead. The latter i.

Use the following notation to associate a group with. IR initgroups 2. Only if that fails or it is not available. IR setgid 2. This sort of setting is only really needed to. This format applies to any comma separated list. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search.

I'd like to access my "real" display remotely. Basically use my macbook to pilot what I see on the display of my local server. My goal is that the same image is duplicated: in the actual display of the linux box and via VNC on my macbook. I'm running Ubuntu As this dude says very poetically "I installed nomachine and it took the grand total of 2 minutes to setup and it works as I wanted".

Two more interesting links on this topic: one with x11vnc and one with TigerVNC. If this doesn't help, it seems there is a race condition despite the ordering you enforced via your service file. Maybe the display-manager service signals "ready" before everything is actually properly up. There is also libvnc. In theory that should yield the best performance, but last time I tried it there were issues with some applications like VMware Player just displaying as a black window remotely.

Ubuntu Community Ask! Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group. Create a free Team What is Teams? Learn more. How do I configure x11vnc. Ask Question. Asked 1 year, 4 months ago.

Modified 6 months ago. Viewed 6k times. The link also explains you must switch to lightdm.

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