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delete comodo cloud antivirus for my laptop

This article lists a lot of useful utilities that let you remove/uninstall specific Antivirus software from your PC. When I went to Security Center, only my Antivirus Program was running. So, I think the key to removing Comodo is downloading the PRO and. Uninstall Comodo Products . INSTALLING FILEZILLA IN LINUX

Comodo Removal Tool — 64bit. If these above links are not working properly, then you can download them from alternate server. Download REVO uninstall tool from here. Your email address will not be published. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Forgot your password? Lost your password? Please enter your email address.

You will receive mail with link to set new password. Download Comodo Removal Tool. About The Author. Techexpert Ashok aka techexpert is a tech guy who loves to research hard to solved issues. You may have experienced that, incorrect uninstallation would trigger issues on your system.

Then how to fully uninstall Comodo Antivirus without hassle? In this article we will list feasible ways to help you get rid of any unwanted program on Windows. Note : You should always remenber to fully deactivate Comodo Antivirus prior to the normal uninstall. To do this, first of all, you can right click on its icon in system tray, choose Exit from the list, and click on Yes in the confirmation dialog.

If you want to uninstall Comodo Antivirus without the help of 3rd party tool, then take this method. Here are the steps for different OS users to perform a basic uninstall. If you are prompted to restart your computer, reboot it and repeat the aforementioned steps.

After that, the Comodo Antivirus Setup window will pop up, and you need to follow onscreen instructions to complete the uninstallation. Here are the detailed prompts:. What upsets most users is the incomplete uninstall of Comodo Antivirus. As we have tested, Comodo Antivirus did leave some of its components on the system even thought it has been removed from the Control Panel.

So continue with the next steps:. Warning : You must be very cautious when making changes on Windows Registry. Inexperienced users are not recommended to modify the registry without making a backup copy, cause serious issues may occur if you mistakenly delete keys or values there. If you are not confident in accomplish this part, we suggest you to utilize an professional uninstaller or a registry cleaner to get the job done automatically. For some users these instructions may be confusing and complicated.

If you want to uninstall Comodo Antivirus effortlessly, try the recommended solution below. Tired of performing so many steps to remove Comodo Antivirus? Desired to find an one-station solution to resolve various program issues? Take a brief look at the video clip to see how Total Uninstaller works to help uninstall Comodo Antivirus without a trace left. Incredibly simple, right? Just a few clicks and you will get any PUP fully removed.

Tip : For the program that does not appear in the interface, you can perform a force uninstall to get rid of it. What you should know about uninstalling Comodo Antivirus: Comodo Antivirus is a free antivirus solution that offers full-time protection and basic features on Windows PCs. Select one of Comodo-related processes, and click on End Task button.

Repeat the same steps to close all associated background processes. Standard Steps to Uninstall Comodo Antivirus Manually If you want to uninstall Comodo Antivirus without the help of 3rd party tool, then take this method.

Delete comodo cloud antivirus for my laptop buy comodo ssl delete comodo cloud antivirus for my laptop

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