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What types of games work well with this type of "remote-gaming" setup? Do the Xperia buttons work? Dpad? Analog? Should I get a ps2 emulator? that seems. Bought it, tried it, didn't like it. Yet to find a playable game, every single one is laggy! PC is running everything at 60fps and my wireless connection. The only % FREE Gamepad keyboard for playing games. Emulates a simple D-Dpad directional keys / Cursor Keyboard Keys, and four (or six) separate buttons. ROLLAWAY WORKBENCH

PC is running everything at 60fps and my wireless connection for the pc and nexus 10 are reporting 60mb down 20 up. Not too sure why it would run so bad? You never know it might supply that extra bit of bandwidth you need for the upoad of the video. Whish version of the android app did you buy as there seems to be 3 or 4 different ones. Sinzer Distinguished Member. I tried Sim City over my Ipad last night, worked fine. The only problem is that you need a mouse really it is a lot of clicking and dragging.

My desktop is on Wireless N and I get no lag. I sometimes get a little break in connection, but that happens really intermittently and it takes about a sec to carry on. I use it mainly to play roguelikes and turn based games on the iPad. Tom Martow Distinguished Member. Dave2 Well-known Member. MrIdontKnow said:. It's not that bad? It just takes a few miliseconds to process the information to your iPad.

Chuck Norris Distinguished Member. I thought it was crap to be honest. Used to work really well untill they started the subscription model, as i used to use it to play fm fro mwork. Worked great for football manager while in bed, but no other games where playable imo. Just dragging this up after 4 months but anyone that was considering this Amazon are offering the paid for app and the HD version for free today through their appstore on android.

Delvey Distinguished Member. Thought it was free anyway? I pay extra for the pro version, allows connecting over 3g. They'll all come in handy, can't complain for being free tris. Delvey said:. Might enable touch screen mode in CiV V and try it out on my Nexus 7 later.

Would be interesting to see if it works like that tris. I had a game of the crew on my Samsung s4 sat downstairs with the xbox pad, this streams perfectly. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads. Free games on spare PC - Linux or Windows?

Replies 7 Views Jan 28, WildeKarde. Replies 0 Views 1K. Dec 16, Cyberpower UK. Replies 8 Views Things didn't go entirely wrong though; things actually went astonishingly well! Of course getting navigation to work with this would be easy because that would just be a stoic virtual joystick After messing around with FFDimensions for a while, I noticed that the in-battle menu navigation was operable via swipe-motions, which allowed me to create a GameKeyboard profile that works not only with on-foot navigation, but FULLY in battle!

This is just as good as being Xperia Play Optimized! GKP is in the attachments, and I will probably be posting a video shortly. I'll be trying this out. Got owned by time limit refund I imported the gpk and nothing happens in game when keys are pressed. Am I missing something? You mean the game for which they dare to ask that much does not even have native XP controller support?

That's insane. Can't argue with that! Edit - It works on 2. It doesn't work on 2. I'm sticking with 2. After loading the profile, what do i need to do to get this working with a ps4 controller? Has anyone else gotten NBA Jam to work on their Prime, I did, but now I want to know if anyone has or knows how to map the touchpad controls with the Sixaxis controller app.

I tried but I seem to not be able to get it to work. Assistance anyone? I love this game, but I don't want to play it on glass.. I didn't know this game was out. Ill get it most likely when I get home tonight It does this strange screen rotation thing.. I got the left analog to kind of map, but left was down, etc.. I'd love it if someone could figure this thing out.

Is this a game that I'd have to download to my phone and pull it? I didn't see it in the market on my prime. Yeah, I just bought it and sent it to my old phone, then copied off the. It installs just fine and runs great on the Prime.. You can see it from your computer, just go to the play website and buy it there. As long as you have a compatible device, it'll let you buy it. Try this set and see how it works. I'll give it a go tonight when I get home.

With that mapping it seems like d-pad down is start.. I shrank the size of the analog control, but it didn't help.. I'm just using d-pad, and it appears to be working perfectly that way. THanks for the help! I learned quite a bit just looking at your mapping..

Cool glad I can help. While there is a small black bar going across the top, It actually works quite well. I have included the Apk to anyone else who wishes to try it themselves. I have played both Dirt 3 and Lego Batman. Both were more than playable with the touch screen, But I think with the universal joypad it would be even better. My home screen on the app is really blurry for some reason.

Got a fix? I can see this being the place where OnLive shines and makes it's money. I was able to get it working because I originally signed up for a US account with a VPN and then moved to the UK account when the launched it over there. I do hope they launch in more places, But for now, Use a VPN to sign up and then you should be good to go. UK usually means your whole little mini-continent. FYI, sign up and download the app off the market place and you get Lego Batman for free. Tried Dirt and could not play it at all with the touch screen.

Has anyone tried the SixAxis Controller app and got it working with this app at all? The annoying thing is is that I have an Online gaming system with a controller managed to pick one up for free :P but I get the impression that it isn't the same as the new "Universal" controller that they'll be releasing so there's not way to sync that controller with my note the sixaxis controller only worked for me on CM7 and MIUI on the SGS2, it did not work on stock roms so i expext the same on the note.

Well I've taken the dive and brought the SixAxis Controller app and it works with the Note as stock rom but rooted, though only managed to get it working with Onlive if I set buttons as keyboard buttons rather than game pad buttons, just means I'll have to adjust the mapping depending on the game unless someone knows how to get it working so I can have game pad buttons instead?

The app doesnt work on my Note, says " your internet connection is too slow". Ive all but given up hope that wiimotes will ever be supported on our tab Anyone doing this? Guess i will know first hand soon enough : yes! I thought I was the only one, I use my bluetootg keyboard witg enulators, and other games? I recomend trying this out, thinkgeek has a pretty nice keyboard case for it which I use for gaming and typing this post, it does require getting used to.

I was starting to wonder if anyone else had any interest in the subject. Still waiting for the shipment. Will probably look into keyboards soon I would love to try some descent on my tab. After it does I'll post an update on how it is. I plan to use it with fpse, gameboid and n64oid. I have heard that not many android games support buttons via bluez-ime. My iControlPad came in today.

Watch for a post of my impressions this weekend, maybe a few pictures while I'm at it. Latest Overcome on T-Mobile It works! Had to jump through a few hoops which I will document here. Perhaps that is how I should document it : Sorry, no time to make a youtube video, but the steps are simple enough.

Once your pad is recognized and connected through the BluezIME app you just go into the custom button settings to assign what the function of each button is. I did this successfully with both FPse and snes9x EX, and I am certain that many of the emulation apps would be able to do this.

BUT, the fact that I was able to work around this with the BluezIME app and custom button settings in my apps of choice makes me very pleased with the purchase. Not much to say about the product itself. It seems well built and I noticed no delay in the controls or problems with gaming situations that require pressing multiple buttons at once. My biggest gripe with playing emulators on my tab in the past was that button combinations were very difficult with on-screen controls, and your hands just get in the way of the experience.

This device eliminates both of those glaring problems. If you are into emulation, skip the wiimote drama because this is what you are looking for. Personally, I feel that this little device adds a ton of value to my tab. I got one too and its great. Also I can use it with other devices like laptops and desktop pcs.

Splashtop gaming setup for ps4 qhy anydesk file transfer is disabled splashtop gaming setup for ps4


With a high-speed, low-latency connection, you can expect smooth, remote gameplay with no shortage of action. Once your network is in place and performing at your expectations, you are ready to choose the best remote software for playing PC games. Mirillis: Leave lag in the past with help from a remote PC access app.

Monflo remote access software made by Mirillis is one of the most advanced gameplay recorders available, but it also enables a remote-control user experience unlike any other. With help from a third-party app, you can also extend those streaming capabilities to a wide range of devices. You will need to install the GeForce Experience app on your gaming rig. Once installed, you need to enable the GameStream feature within the settings. Moonlight supports a wide variety of computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

With GameStream already set up, you can install Moonlight on your remote device. The client app should search for a local network. Select your PC and enter the displayed code to pair the devices, so you can access your game library. Source: twitter. Typically a dual monitor setup with a ps4 system will include one of the best gaming monitors for ps4 and a typical monitor for your pc.

The gaming desk for ps4 looks very modern and stylish. Here are the very quick. You can configure your gaming console to connect to the 5ghz band signal in your router if you are using a ps4 slim, ps4 pro or the ps5. This list will help you make. Source: jrgansmle. You may configure your router in a variety of ways to make it ideal for ps4 use. Source: reddit. The best router settings for ps4 gaming. Following our last update, our favorite model.

Source: pinterest. Connecting your gaming console to the 5ghz band and placing it within the vicinity of the router enables faster internet speeds and. Best ps4 pro gaming setup. You can configure your gaming console to connect to the 5ghz band signal in your router if you are using a ps4 slim,.

Our team has compiled a list of the best gaming setup for ps4 based on customer reviews. To make a gaming setup look better, most gamers add fancy or unique accessories to it, like acoustic panels, posters, stream decks,. My ultimate pc gaming setup ! To make a gaming setup look better, most gamers add fancy or unique accessories to.

The feature helps the best router settings for gaming ps4 in fixing the gaming lag by limiting the distance. Color changing lights for room: We analyzed and compared 31 console gaming setup sold for nearly 31 hours, and considered the opinions of consumers. Best gaming setup ps4 types of. The table below provides a quick overview of the top ps4 gaming setup ideas. Best gaming setup accessories , one of the best gaming.

To enjoy all the audiovisual splendor that the newest ps4 games have to offer as much as possible. Connecting your gaming console to the 5ghz band and placing it within the vicinity. This list will help you make a final decision on what product to buy. Best gaming setup accessories , one of the best gaming headsets that you can. Adding those spiderman wallpapers definitely gives a nice touch to this gaming rig.

The full pc centric from cmcdistribution. While the sensitivity settings are highly personal, the deadzone settings are quite different from. Source: gadgets-africa.

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