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The symbol for the 45th Infantry is an American Indian "Thunderbird," so people call the 45th the Thunderbird Division as well. The new insignia featured the Thunderbird, another Native American symbol, and was approved in On 16 September , the 45th Infantry Division, under. The division insignia is a golden thunderbird on a red square. The thunderbird is a symbol of the Southwestern Indians meaning sacred bearer of unlimited. MANAGEENGINE SERVICE DESK MANUAL

Hoping to occupy as much of the country as humanly possible before the German Army could react, the U. Fifth Army prepared to attack Salerno. On 3 November it crossed the Volturno River and took Venafro. After linking up with the British Eighth Army , which had advanced from the south, the combined force, under the 15th Army Group , commanded by British General Sir Harold Alexander , was stalled when it reached the Gustav Line.

Elia, north of Monte Cassino , before moving to a rest area. Lucas from 20 September, was assigned to Operation Shingle , detached from the 15th Army Group to land behind enemy lines at Anzio on 22 January One regiment of the 45th the th Infantry went ashore with the landings. In company with the British 1st Infantry Division , they advanced north along the Anzio-Albano road and captured the Aprilia "factory", but encountered ingrained resistance from German armored units a few miles further on.

Lucas then ordered the rest of the division ashore. The 45th Division was deployed on the southeastern side of the beachhead, along the lower Mussolini Canal. On 30 January , when VI Corps advanced from the beaches, it encountered heavy resistance and took heavy casualties. The first major German counterattack came in early February, was against the British 1st Division.

Two regiments of the 45th the th and th Infantry were sent to the Aprilia sector to reinforce the British. Lucas then moved the rest of the 45th Division to the left-center of the perimeter, at Aprilia and along the west branch of the Mussolini Canal.

On 16 February, a major German attack struck the 45th, and nearly broke through the th Infantry on 18 February. Lucas sent famed U. On 23 May, VI Corps, now commanded by Major General Lucian Truscott , went on the offensive, breaking out of the beachhead to the northeast, with the 45th Division forming the left half of the attack. By 31 May, the German defenses were shattered, and the 45th Division turned northwest, toward the Alban Hills and Rome. On 16 June, the 45th Division withdrew for rest in preparation for other operations.

Dragoon was originally planned to coincide with the Normandy landings in the north, but was delayed until August because of a shortage of landing craft. The 45th Infantry Division participated in its fourth amphibious assault landing during Operation Dragoon on 15 August , at St. Maxime , in Southern France. Seventh Army, along with Free French forces, were able to advance north quickly.

Patton 's U. Third Army , advancing from Normandy , joining the two forces at Dijon. The 45th Infantry Division took the strongly defended city of Epinal on 24 September. Gerow , for its next advance. Haislip 's XV Corps. Once this rest period was complete, the division was assigned to XV Corps for the final push into German territory.

The number of POWs taken by the 45th Division during its almost two years of fighting totalled , men. During and after the war, courts-martial were convened to investigate possible war crimes by members of the division. In the first two cases, dubbed the Biscari massacre , occurred on 14 July , American troops from C Company, th Infantry Regiment, were alleged to have shot 74 Italian and two German prisoners in Acate following the capture of an airfield in the area.

George Patton , the Seventh Army commanding general, asked Omar Bradley , II Corps commanding general, to get the cases dismissed to prevent bad press, but Bradley refused. A non-commissioned officer, Sergeant Horace T. West, 33 years old, later confessed to the crimes in the first incident and was found guilty.

On the second incident, Captain John T. Compton ordered Italian soldiers to be lined up and shot; the officer claimed he had only been following orders and was acquitted. In a third incident, the Army considered court-martialling several officers of the th Infantry Regiment under Lieutenant Colonel Felix L.

Sparks after servicemen were accused of massacring German soldiers who were surrendering at the Dachau concentration camp in Some of the German troops were camp guards; the others were sick and wounded troops from a nearby hospital. The soldiers of the 45th Division who liberated the camp were outraged at the malnourishment and maltreatment of the 32, prisoners they liberated, some barely alive, and all victims of the Holocaust.

After entering the camp, the soldiers found boxcars filled with dead bodies of prisoners who had succumbed to starvation or last-minute executions, and in rooms adjacent to gas chambers they found naked bodies piled from the floor to the ceiling. Some of the victims apparently had died only hours before the 45th Division entered the camp, while many others lay where they had died in states of decomposition that overwhelmed the soldiers' senses.

After investigating the incident, the Army considered court-martialling several officers involved, but Patton successfully intervened. The Seventh Army was being disbanded and Patton had been appointed Military Governor of Bavaria, placing the matter in his hands.

Confessed murderer Frank Sheeran later recalled his war service as the time when he first developed a callousness to the taking of human life. In later interviews with Charles Brandt , he divided such massacres into four categories:. Barfoot , [72] Ernest Childers , [73] Almond E.

Fisher , [74] William J. Johnston , [75] Salvador J. Lara , [76] Jack C. Montgomery , [77] James D. Slaton , [73] Jack Treadwell , [78] and Edward G. The division received seven distinguished unit citations and eight campaign streamers during the conflict.

On 7 December , the division was inactivated from the active duty force and its members reassigned to other Army units. The following year, on 10 September , the 45th Infantry Division was reconstituted as a National Guard unit. During this time, the U.

Army underwent a drastic reduction in size. At the end of World War II, it contained 89 divisions, but by , there were just 10 active divisions in the force, along with a few reserve divisions such as the 45th Infantry Division which were combat-ineffective. The 45th in this time was regarded as one of the better-trained National Guard divisions. At the outbreak of the Korean War in June , the U.

Army looked to expand its force again to prepare for major conflict. Due to drastic reductions in U. Initially, the division was used to provide a pool of reinforcements for the divisions which had been sent to the Korean War theater, and in January it provided enlisted fillers for overseas service. Later that month, it was given 4, new recruits for its three infantry regiments and artillery assets, and each unit created a week training program to prepare these new soldiers for combat.

At the time, the 45th Infantry Division was comprised overwhelmingly of high school students or recent graduates and only about 60 percent of its divisional troops had conducted training and drills with the division for a year or more. Additionally, only about 20 percent of its personnel had prior experience of military service from World War II.

In preparation for the deployment, the division was sent to Fort Polk , Louisiana , to begin training and to fill its ranks. Though the 45th remained de facto segregated as an all-white unit in , [] individual unit commanders went to great lengths to integrate reinforcements from different areas and ethnicity into their units.

When it arrived in Korea, only half the division's manpower were National Guard troops, and over 4, guardsmen left between May and July , continually replaced by more active duty troops, including an increasing number of African Americans. By the time the division was in place, the battle lines on both sides had largely solidified , leaving the 45th Infantry Division in a stationary position as it conducted attacks and counterattacks for the same ground. The terrain was difficult and the weather was poor in the region.

Initially, the division did not fare well, though it improved quickly. The 45th, in turn, was under constant artillery and mortar attack. These small-unit actions made up the majority of the division's combat in Korea.

In the division's first few months on the line, Chinese forces conducted three raids in its sector. In retaliation, the th Tank Battalion sent nine tanks to raid Agok. The division then defended the hill against a series of Chinese assaults from the Chinese 38th Army. The 45th Infantry Division, along with the 7th Infantry Division, fought off repeated Chinese attacks all along the front line throughout , and Chinese forces frequently attacked Old Baldy Hill into the fall of that year.

Almost immediately the Chinese launched a concentrated attack on the hill, overrunning the U. In early , North Korean forces launched a large-scale attack against Hill , which was then under the control of K Company, 3rd Battalion, th Infantry. These offensives were conducted largely in order to secure a better position during the ongoing truce negotiations. During the Korean War the 45th Infantry Division suffered 4, casualties, consisting of killed in action and 3, wounded in action. The division briefly patrolled the Korean Demilitarized Zone following the signing of the armistice ending the war, but most of its men returned home and reverted to National Guard status on 30 April The division remained as a unit of the Oklahoma National Guard, and participated in no major actions throughout the rest of the s save regular weekend and summer training exercises.

In , the formation was reorganized in accordance with the Reorganization Objective Army Divisions plan, which saw the establishment of a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Brigade within the division. These brigades would see no major deployments or events, and were inactivated five years later in The 45th Infantry Division was awarded eight campaign streamers and one foreign unit award in World War II and four campaign streamers and one foreign unit award in the Korean War, for a total of twelve campaign streamers and two foreign unit decorations in its operational history.

They also made an impression overseas during the division's days in combat. Three of the division's eight Medal of Honor recipients were Native Americans. Van T. Although the Navajo code talkers' wartime exploits are well-known, they were not alone in the use of their Native language in America's military. The Pawnee code talkers transmitted, received, and encrypted sensitive tactical messages in the Pawnee language. Seven of the nine Pawnee code talkers served with the 45th Infantry Division.

Matlock, Sergeant Harold W. Morgan, and Master Sergeant Floyd E. They were inducted into the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame in The Thunderbirds were no longer a multi-state entity; instead, the division would solely represent the Oklahoma National Guard. Native Americans remained a vital part of their ranks.

Autry Muscogee-Creek began his service with the 45th, serving with the th Field Artillery Battalion. During the Korean War, he was commander of the th. His service to the Oklahoma National Guard spanned 34 years. He worked his way up the ranks to become the division artillery commander and obtained the rank of brigadier general.

His outstanding and heroic service earned him the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, two bronze arrowhead for amphibious landings, and 10 battle stars for campaigns in the two wars. He was the commander of the 45th Infantry Division field artillery during the Korean Conflict. Muldrow was promoted to major general in and was the commander of the 45th Infantry Division, Oklahoma National Guard until his retirement in The 45th Infantry Division was deactivated in ; however, their lineage and honors are carried on within the Oklahoma National Guard units.

Oklahoma's Indigenous citizens, men and women, continue to serve their state and their country with distinction. To learn more, please visit the 45th Infantry Division Museum. She earned her PhD from the University of Oklahoma in , and she has worked in the museum field for 15 years. In March , a special exhibit opened in New York City of 14 pieces of art each contributed by 14 artists who had escaped Nazi-occupied Europe.

John Fox was one of seven African Americans who had their earlier awards upgraded to the Medal of Honor on January 13, Like all but one of the veterans, he did not live to see this honor. For Allied leaders, was a year of incredible danger and anxiety in the Battle of the Atlantic. Must-reads of picked by historians and scholars in the Institute for the Study of War and Democracy. How did Mary Golda Ross, who taught high school in her native Cherokee schools, end up as a space-travel engineer?

Native Americans in the 45th Infantry Division. November 27, Sergeant Don Robinson. European Theater of Operations. Article Type.

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The 45th Infantry Division Monument rises 40 feet high and is crowned by Thunderbirds on each side. This memorial honors the men of the 45th Infantry Division from both World War II and Korea who gallantly represented their states and bravely served their country in times of war.

The monument was originally erected in downtown Oklahoma City and dedicated in , but advancement of downtown business and construction of skyscrapers left the monument hidden from view. It was moved to the grounds of the 45th Infantry Division Museum and was re-dedicated on September 20, A small picnic area with two tables is available on a first come first serve basis.

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